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    Welcome to Loveland Girls' Basketball

    We believe the promotion and enhancement of student learning and personal development is the primary purpose of athletics. We believe student learning and personal development includes the development  of intellectual, emotional, social, physical and ethical capabilities.
    The coaching staff will acknowledge and emphasize the twelve core values in every team practice, event and game. The core values are instrumental for lifelong success and helping our athletes become model citizens.
    Our message is much larger than the game of basketball! We want to prepare our student athletes for the real world.  Anything that can be done to improve the character of our student athletes and team increases our chance for success. The following core values will be taught and addressed in all we do:
                                                     *COMMITMENT *SERVANT LEADERSHIP * PASSION
     Any path that leads to success has a strong and sturdy foundation. These 12 core values will be the cement that holds our 2015-2016 Critical Path together. With these values  in place and highlighted, the tactical performance goals and academic goals will be obtainable. WINNING will occur!