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     Welcome to the Ponderosa Art Room!
          Let me introduce myself.  My name is Kate Chawula and I am the art teacher at Ponderosa.  Our room at here is a choice-based art room, also known as Teaching for Artistic Behavior.  Children have a lot of choices in the art room.  I have structured the art room as an art studio as much as possible.  All children, K-5, are treated like artists in a shared art studio.  They are responsible for finding ideas, choosing materials and techniques to best communicate their ideas, set up and clean up their own workspace and work alongside numerous other artists in a respectful and kind way.  From my experience, this forces students to think deeper, solve more problems and be more creative than if we were all following my directions to create similar copies of the same project.  
          This style is similar to the way a Maker's Space might run, with students identifying their own art problems to solve, trying various solutions, and refining their ideas.  It allows all students to work at their own developmental level on ideas that interest them.  It is a process-based studio,  not a traditional fine arts studio that might put more emphasis on technique and finished product.   Technique is certainly taught, but I am more concerned with providing opportunities for creative thinking, problem solving, working cooperatively, and exposing children to a wide variety of artists, styles, art materials, tools and techniques.
          This is why some of the art you see coming from our younger or more beginning students may not be pleasing or "pretty" to an adult's eye.  While it may have been made with recycled materials, it is never "trash."  Despite how it may look, that student is still trying out ideas, becoming more comfortable with materials and how they work, and becoming more courageous at expressing an idea visually.  Although it may take a bit to get used to, child art is GREAT art!
          Please feel free to come into the art room any time you are at school.  The children love to show you what is going on and have a new person to talk about their art with! 
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    recycle The art room recycles! Please see the wish list below for items you can save for the art room.

     Your trash is our treasure!  Support the art program by sending in the following treasures*:

    • egg cartons
    • cardboard tubes from toilet paper or paper towels
    • empty wipe boxes
    • plastic baby food or pet food containers with or without lids
    • small boxes (jewelry, checks)
    • shoeboxes and lids
    • empty food boxes (cereal, crackers)
    • calendars with neat pictures
    • children's magazines
    • corks, caps or pull tops
    • interesting pieces of wood or plastic
    • crazy straws
    • stamps
    • CD and DVD disks
    • costume jewelry
    • fabric scraps
    • ribbons/trim
    • yarn
    • buttons/spools
    • wooden blocks
    • plants (fake but beautiful)
    • plastic toy animals for sketching
    • wrapping paper or scrapbook paper

    *If there is a remote possibility we could use it, then send it in...we are VERY creative.  If we can't use it, we'll either find someone who can or toss it lovingly.