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    FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. It is a professional student organization that is available in a majority of schools across America. FBLA holds conferences and seminars for members and advisers, including the National Leadership Conference and the district and state leadership conferences during the school year; sponsors a competitive awards program; produces national publications; and provides scholarships, programs, and other services for its members. By participating in competitive events at the local, state, and national levels, students gain practical experience in goal setting, planning, and plan implementation. The events for FBLA are listed here, so look and see what competitive events you might like to participate in for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. Thank you, and welcome to FBLA! 



    1st & 3rd Mondays during lunch, room #60


    2022-2023 Colorado FBLA Calendar

    • February 1: District 1 Leadership Conference (Greeley)
    • February 5-11: FBLA Week
    • February 16: Colorado FBLA SLC Survival Series (Virtual)
    • February 20: Colorado FBLA Membership Meeting for Members (Virutal)
    • February 23: Colorado FBLA SLC Survival Series (Virtual)
    • March 1: CTE Celebration (Champion Chapter) Deadline
    • March 2: Colorado FBLA SLC Survival Series (Virtual)
    • March 3: Colorado FBLA SLC Early Bird Registration Deadline
    • March 9: Colorado FBLA Survival Series (Virtual)
    • March 10: Colorado FBLA SLC Registration Deadline
    • March 10: Peak Awards Submission Deadline
    • March 13: Colorado FBLA Membership Meeting for Members (Virtual)
    • March 16: Colorado FBLA SLC Survival Series (Virtual)
    • March 23: Colorado FBLA SLC Survival Series (Virtual)
    • March 30: Colorado FBLA SLC Survival Series (Virtual)
    • April 5-7: Colorado FBLA State Leadership Conference (Gaylord Rockies)
    • June 27-30: FBLA National Leadership Conference (Atlanta)




    2023 District Results

    Cayman Freeman took 1st in Cyber Security and 2nd in Accounting 1.
    Caleb Horner took 2nd in Computer Applications.
    Ben Sundheim took 1st in Computer Problem Solving  and 1st in Introduction to Information Technology.
    Team of Bryan Lawless and Jack Houchin took 2nd in Computer Game & Simulation Programming.
    Team of Bryan Gomez Garcia, John Rottinghaus, and Nolan Simon took 3rd in Digital Video Production.
    Maebe-Rose Vanderbeek took 5th in Graphic Design.


    2022 District Results

    State qualifiers:  

    Haley Hanks - Data Analysis - 1st
    Axel Chavarin - Computer Problem Solving - 2nd
    Bryan Gomez Garcia - Computer Applications - 4th
    Caleb Horner - Computer Applications - 2nd
    Cayman Freeman - Cyber Security - 2nd &  Computer Problem Solving - 4th
    Wyatt Schmidle - Graphic Design - 3rd
    Jack Houchin - Game Design - 1st

    Other top ten finishers:

    Ben Thormodsgard - Computer Problem Solving - 6th
    Cole Hanks - Computer Problem Solving - 7th
    Jack Houchin - Introduction to Information Technology - 6th
    Wes Peatrowsky - Introduction to Information Technology - 7th
    Malia Sylva - Political Science - 7th
    Maebe-Rose Vanderbeek - Political Science - 9th


    Top 5 at the State Leadership Conference, April 2021
    Bryan Lawless - Coding and Programming - 4th
    Cory Schanker - Coding and Programming - 5th
    Top 10 at the District Leadership Experience, February 3, 2021
    Bryan Lawless - Introduction to Information Technology - 1st
    Bryan Lawless - Coding and Programming - 3rd
    Maria Rozum - Economics - 8th
    Cory Schanker - Coding and Programming - 2nd
    Cory Schanker - Computer Problem Solving - 2nd
    *The top four competitors will go on to compete at the state conference