• Our last location

    Our last location on Eisenhower. We were there from 1982 to January of 2009.

    Our History:

            Harold Ferguson High School was originally known as the Washington Alternative High School from 1972 to 1981. In 1982, we were moved to our second location at 804 East Eisenhower; we were there until January of 2009 when we were moved into our current location at 1101 Hilltop Drive (formally a Lutheran Church and School). This makes FHS one of the oldest alternative, at-risk programs in the state of Colorado; we hope to have a 47th Reunion soon. We normally serve over 140 students. However, with the recent addition of other programs to FHS such as SOARS, Thompson Online, and E3 we now serve 200 - 300 students at different times of the year. 

           Mr. Ferguson, originally the Principal of Loveland High School, realized that there was a need for students to have an alternative choice to the regular setting. In particular, he was concerned about students who were having trouble at home, with the law, or who perhaps just needed a smaller school environment to achieve their goals.

          Over 1,200 students have earned their high school diplomas from FHS. We have graduates who are CNAs, teachers, mechanics, musicians, electricians, managers, and active members of the US military.

           In addition, we earned a $250,000 scholarship trust from the McKee Foundation, and many of our former students are positive members of the Loveland community, and the world at large.