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    Ferguson High is designated an Alternative Education Campus (AEC) by the Colorado Department of Education.  This designation means 90% or more of our students fall into at least one of the at risk categories identified by Colorado Statute (SB-09-163).  Questions in this application help determine if a student qualifies in one or more of these categories and if they are a good fit to join the Ferguson community.


    Founded in 1973, Ferguson High School is the oldest alternative high school in the state of Colorado serving approximately 130 students each quarter.  As an alternative high school we pride ourselves on providing a school experience designed to meet the unique needs of the students we serve.  As a small school we have a community atmosphere and the ability to work with each and every student to support their school success and unique pathway to graduation.  We are proud to serve the Thompson School District by affording students who are accepted a comprehensive alternative high school experience.

    GRADE LEVEL REQUIREMENTS:  To be considered for admission to Ferguson High School, students must be in grade 9-12.

     GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS:  Students at Ferguson Hig School must fulfill the graduation requirements set forth by the Thompson School District to receive their diploma.


    In order to be placed on our waiting list, students must do the following:

    1.) Submit (online) a completed application form.  Send all previous transcripts, including immunizations to the attention of Carol Hetzel at 1101 Hilltop Drive, Loveland, CO  80537, FAX to 970-613-5395 or email to carol.hetzel@thompsonschools.org.

     Ferguson High School APPLICATION

    2. Schedule and successfully complete an interview and orientation.  Parents are required to attend the orientation at the time of the interview.