• MVHS Counseling Vision Statement:

    The students of Mountain View High School understand their value and worth.  They are resilient individuals who are empowered to make positive personal change, care about others, and engage in meaningful service to our school, local community and society as a whole.  Our students value academic preparation by taking ownership of their education and they exemplify qualities of a good learner (professionalism, pride, responsibility, punctuality, and respect).  They are aware of their strengths and limitations, embrace the challenge of high expectations, and desire to maximize their potential. Our students are well informed of all educational and career options and can articulate a plan to achieve their future goals.  They are prepared with 21st century skills to make relevant contributions in order to meet current industry needs and face global challenges.


    MVHS Counseling Mission Statement:

    Our mission is to empower and assist all students in becoming ethical and productive lifelong learners and citizens.  In collaboration with parents, staff and the community we strive to promote academic growth, encourage problem-solving and advocacy skills, and inspire students reach their full potential at Mountain View and beyond.  As counselors, we will deliver a comprehensive, data driven program for all students which seeks to bridge achievement gaps and remove barriers to student success.