• Educational Options

    Whatever your interests, Thompson School District has programs or choice options that are perfect for your student and family. Our programming lineup is diverse, challenging and robust. Here are just a few of the many great choices offered. Many of these programs have an elementary, middle and high school feeder system component.

    Advanced Placement logo

    Advanced Placement (AP)

    AP courses are offered at each of our district comprehensive high schools. AP courses follow a national curriculum provided by The College Board, the publishers of the SAT college entrance exam. These courses give students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school.

    Each May, AP exams are offered to students as they complete their coursework. Students earning a minimum score on the exam can receive either elective credit or course replacement credit depending on the college or university policy.

    Advancement Via Individual Determination logo

    Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

    AVID is a college readiness prep program that focuses on Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization and Reading (WICOR). Learning theses five things in a deeper way will help students better prepare for the rigors of college and a postsecondary life.

    AVID focuses on applying to college, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), effective and efficient study skills, and so much more. AVID is offered 2nd-12th grade at Sarah Milner Elementary School, Walt Clark Middle School and Thompson Valley High School.

    Agricultural Education Pathways Program

    Located at Thompson Valley High School and Berthoud High Schools, the Agricultural Education Pathways Program prepares Thompson School District students for workforce readiness and continuing education beyond high school. The program is available to high school students throughout the district.

    In the Agricultural Education program, students will explore the six pathways of agricultural education as well as gain in-depth information about our student-led leadership organization, FFA, develop leadership and employability skills for future careers and endeavors, and have the chance to participate in educational field trips and experiences pertaining to agriculture and FFA on a district, state and national level.

    Concurrent Enrollment logo

    Concurrent Enrollment/Early College/ASCENT

    Concurrent enrollment gives students an opportunity to graduate from high school with college credits. The cost for tuition is paid by Thompson School District at community college rates. Students can accelerate their progress toward earning advanced degrees and the working world.

    This program is open to all high school students who receive academic plan approval, meet application deadlines and meet college course requirements. Students can take college courses of their choosing at Front Range Community College, Aims Community College or other university partners. Books and fees are not covered.

    Dual Language Immersion logo

    Dual Language Immersion Program

    Thompson School District offers a Spanish/English Dual Language Immersion Program in four schools: Truscott Elementary School, Cottonwood Plains Elementary School and then Bill Reed Middle School and Lucile Erwin Middle School.

    Dual Language Immersion is an academic program that enhances the development of literacy and content in both English and Spanish so that students will graduate ready for college, career and life in a globally competitive economy and a collaborative global community.

    Early Childhood logo

    Early Childhood

    The mission of the Thompson Integrated Early Childhood Preschool Program is to provide high-quality, developmentally appropriate education and family-centered services that value and respect the diversity of individual children and families for students who are three or four years old by October 1.

    Two essential things preschool teaches young children are how to get along with other children and that learning is fun and exciting. We know that young children learn best by doing.

    Our classrooms are busy places where children can experiment and try out their ideas in a safe environment. We teach children how to learn as we build self-confidence, social skills, and positive attitudes about school.

    Big Thompson Elementary School logo

    EL Education

    Big Thompson Elementary works in partnership with EL Education (formerly known as Expeditionary Learning). EL Education is a national nonprofit partnering with K-12 educators to transform public schools and districts into hubs of opportunity for all students to achieve excellent, equitable outcomes and apply their unique genius to the world.

    Big Thompson’s partnership with Expeditionary Learning Education fosters classrooms where learning is active and meaningful. The staff strives to elevate their instruction and learning to the next level so that students become leaders of their own learning and “accomplish more than they thought possible.”

    Ponderosa Elementary School logo

    Global Learning

    Ponderosa offers a school-wide focus on global learning. Global learning encourages students to become Globally Competent citizens, workers, and leaders. We must equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world.

    Global competence is the ability to understand and intentionally act on issues of global significance.

    By investing in our youth and providing a shared sense of global competence, our children will be better able to think creatively and critically to investigate and solve issues of global significance, better preparing them for the world in which we live.

    Harold Ferguson High School logo

    Harold Ferguson High School

    Harold Ferguson High School is a small alternative high school specifically designed for students who are looking for an alternative to the traditional high school experience. Ferguson High School enrolls new students quarterly throughout the school year and as a result has a separate choice enrollment process.

    International Baccalaureate logo

    International Baccalaureate (IB)

    Thompson School District offers the IB program at Coyote Ridge Elementary School, Lucile Erwin Middle School and Loveland High School. IB is an inquiry-based approach to learning focused on exploring students’ questions and curiosities.

    In addition to high academic standards and expectations, an IB education fosters the development of the whole child, including the arts and social-emotional health. Students explicitly learn 21st century skills such as research, communication, collaboration and social skills.

    Leader in Me logo

    Leader in Me

    Carrie Martin Elementary School is a “Leader in Me” school. This leadership model assists in integrating a culture of character and leadership into the school experience based on the principles of the late Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s “8 Habits of Highly Effective People.” The Leader in Me program brings the “8 Habits” into the elementary school setting where students can begin to develop these important skills at a very early age.

    Loveland/Berthoud Enrichment Access Program (LEAP)

    Loveland/Berthoud Enrichment Access Program (LEAP) is a tuition-free, part-time, publicly funded enrichment program sponsored by Thompson School District for homeschooled students.

    Loveland/Berthoud Enrichment Access Program provides enrichment to students in grades K-12 and is designed to support parents who choose to school their children at home or outside of the public school setting. Parents remain the primary instructional providers with LEAP supplementing their efforts.

    Loveland area Integrated School of the Arts logo

    Loveland area Integrated School of the Arts (LISA)

    The LISA program is offered at Garfield Elementary School, Bill Reed Middle School, and Mountain View High School. LISA students benefit not only from the arts instruction embedded in their core classes but also from the many arts enrichment experiences available to them.

    Options at Thompson

    The Options Program at Thompson School District provides General Equivalency Diploma (GED) preparation and test administration. General Equivalency Diploma preparation provides subject-specific support through regularly scheduled morning and afternoon sessions. General Equivalency Diploma test administration is for students pursuing the GED and those testing in specific content areas for competency-based content/credit replacement. General Equivalency Diploma test administration occurs monthly and is scheduled during the regular school day.

    Those interested can access applications for the Options Program at this link. The size and availability of offered programs will limit acceptance. Please get in touch with Robb Arbuckle (Options Coordinator) at robb.arbuckle@tsd.org or (970) 613-5334 with any questions.

    Project Lead the Way logo

    Project Lead the Way

    Located at Berthoud and Mountain View High Schools, Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is the nation’s leading provider of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs.

    The following courses are offered with concurrent enrollment college credit available through UCCS: Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Design and Development.

    Through world-class K-12 curriculum, high-quality teacher professional development and outstanding partnerships, PLTW is helping students develop the skills needed to succeed in the global economy.

    Project-Based Learning

    Project-Based Learning is offered at Lincoln Elementary School, which allows students to work together to gain knowledge and skills by investigating and responding to real-world problems and challenges. The focus of the program is on creating high interest, authentic, relevant and complex learning experiences.

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics logo

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is offered at Berthoud High School as a focused educational program. STEM Engineering is offered at Thompson Valley High School and Mountain View High School.

    An “Engineering Your World” program is hosted at Thompson Valley High School and a “Project Lead the Way” program is based at Mountain View High School and Berthoud High School. STEM strives to produce scientifically and mathematically literate graduates who can step into leadership positions at the most competitive postsecondary programs in the country.

    Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) logo

    Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)

    Thompson School District’s High Plains School is proud to offer families an education based on the STEAM model. Schools that use a STEAM framework to develop instruction intentionally design units and lessons to integrate concepts from science, math, history, and the arts.

    Students learn skills in these content areas to support their reading, writing, and communication abilities. They also take that knowledge to an application level to help them understand why they are learning what they are learning.

    Thompson Online logo

    Thompson Online (TOL) and Secondary Options for Achievement Resulting in Success (SOARS)

    Thompson Online and SOARS provides an online educational experience for students enrolled in Thompson School District. Students taking classes through Thompson Online may be enrolled in one or both of the programs identified above. Students may also be enrolled in Thompson Online part time (as little as one class) while enrolled in a regular school.

    Thompson Online strives to create a student-focused online learning environment. Student needs are identified and an online learning plan is developed. The end result is a custom designed online learning experience for each student. Students have the ability to access curriculum and assignments 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere with an Internet connection.

    Work-Based Learning

    The Pathfinder Work-Based Learning (WBL) Program provides a variety of real-world opportunities for students at all levels to explore career paths while gaining valuable work experience, building career and college readiness skills, and making valuable connections to the community.

    Through the Xello software platform high school students can apply for WBL Opportunities such as internships, apprenticeships, industry tours, job shadows, informational interviews, volunteer opportunities, and part-time/summer jobs.