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Mrs. Adamson

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    Computer Lab RULES

    Enter quietly, sit at your assigned seat put your hands in your lap and be ready to listen.
    Take your hands off the keyboard or mouse when the teacher is speaking.
    Raise your hand to speak.
    Do not touch the computers until you have instructions.
    Listen carefully and follow directions.
    Do not personalize the computers in the following manner:
    Changing the desktop background
    Changing the video and audio settings
    Adding, changing or moving icons on the desktop
    Be gentle with your computer, do not bang on the keyboard.
    Treat equipment with respect.
    Keep it clean.
    Do not touch your neighbor’s keyboard.
    As a courtesy to the next class, please leave your lab as you found it.
    Quit programs, and logout. Stand up and push in your chair. That shows me your ready to line up.

    Throughout the year I will reinforce and repeat the rules and proper care of the computers.