Winona Accountability and Advisory Committee


    Winona WAAC

    Studies consistently show that students who have involved parents are more likely to demonstrate success throughout their schooling and well into life beyond the 12th grade.  One of the ways to get involved at Winona is through participating in the Winona Accountability and Advisory Committee (WAAC).

    WAAC is responsible for holding Winona accountable for meeting their education goals.  Parents, neighbors, teachers, community members, and senior citizens participate as an advisory group, monitoring and making recommendations to establish Winona's academic and social goals, as well as to ensure implementation of the School Effectiveness Plan.

    Our meetings are held in the Winona school lounge once a month.  We only ask you to bring candor, innovation, dedication, and creativity.  In return, you will be a part of increasing our chances of a better education for all of our children.  Participation in WAAC helps all of us meet current challenges and stay involved in the education of our children. Together, we can all make a difference in our children, our communities, and our world.