School to Work Alliance Program

  • School to Work Alliance Program (SWAP) is a collaborative effort between Thompson R2-J Public Schools and the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Our primary goal is to assist youth in a successful transition from school to the world of work. We assist young adults with finding meaningful employment opportunities in their community.

    Program Coordinator:
    Ryan Kolo
    427-B North Railroad Ave.
    Loveland, CO
    Phone: 970-669-8349
    Fax: 970-669-8062


    We hope to:
    • Expand employment opportunities for youth
    • Engage local employers in a partnership that supports a successful school-to-work transition
    • Encourage youth to maintain economic independence in their community
    What does SWAP offer to youth ages 16-25?
    • Assessment of vocational skills and interests
    • Teaching social skills regarding work, home, and community
    • Job seeking and job placement assistance
    • Post-employment follow-up and support for both employee and employer
    What can SWAP do for your business and our community?
    • Provide a pool of job ready candidates
    • Provide Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) for each employer
    • Monitor participant performance
    • Provide job coaching as needed
    • Provide an opportunity to become involved with local community and schools
    • Prepare youth for the transition into work through teaching job seeking and "job keeping" skills
    • Promote the efforts of local businesses to expand their labor pool and customer base
    • Provide on-site follow-up support to SWAP employers