• EPISODE 25   19m

    Original Air Date: 3/14/2008

    Interview with Curtis Martin, product manager from Bennett Wagner & Grody, regarding the new addition to Berthoud High School.

  • EPISODE 27   16m

    Original Air Date: 12/20/2008

    Jay Earl takes us on a tour of the new Ferguson High School.

  • EPISODE 29   19m

    Original Air Date: 3/7/2009

    Interview with Jim Strange, principal at LKA Partners about their new architectural designs for the new Transportation Center.

    Theresa Clements, Director of Early Childhood, tells us all about the new Early Childhood Center at Monroe Elementary.

  • EPISODE 32   17m

    Original Air Date: 11/10/2009

    Lamb Caro, principal at Van Buren Elementary School, takes us on a tour of the Early Childhood Center. Then, Theresa Clements, Director of Early Childhood, gives us a tour of the new Early Childhood Center at Monroe Elementary School.

    The program ends with footage of the groundbreaking ceremony for Ponderosa Elementary School

  • EPISODE 26   40m

    Original Air Date: 11/8/2008

    Bond Administrator Jay Earl discusses the projects that have been coming to completion and new projects getting underway. New projects include remodeling a church to become the new home for Harold Ferguson High School, and a new transportation maintenance center.

  • EPISODE 28   27m

    Original Air Date: 1/31/2009

    A tour of the new addition at Berthoud High School

  • EPISODE 31   16m

    Original Air Date: 6/6/2009

    A tour of the construction progress at the new Transportation Center

  • EPISODE 33  25m

    Original Air Date: 2/20/2010

    A tour of the building progress at Ponderosa Elementary School with Lamb Caro, new principal at Ponderosa Elementary, and Mike Martens, Bond manager of the Ponderosa School project.