• EPISODE 09   43m

    Original Air Date: 9/29/2006

    Dave Denni of Alliance Construction takes us on a tour inside the Centennial and Winona Elementary additions for a more detailed look at construction progress.

  • EPISODE 11   30m

    Original Air Date: 11/21/2006

    John Parks of Alliance Construction took students from Centennial Elementary on a tour of the new addition at their school.

    The program ended with an update on maintenance projects.

  • EPISODE 13   22m

    Original Air Date: 2/28/2007

    Principals at Centennial and Winona Elementary Schools were interviewed about the completion of the additions at their schools and how the students and staff were adjusting to the change.

    The program ended with an update of maintenance projects

  • EPISODE 15   24m

    Original Air Date: 4/27/2007

    Brian Calhoun from RTA Architects talks about the Mountain View High School addition

  • EPISODE 10   18m

    Original Air Date: 10/27/2006

    Interview with Ann Weber, architect from Bennett Wagner & Grody, the firm that handled the design of Coyote Ridge Elementary School.

    The program ends with the ribbon cutting at Winona Elementary.

  • EPISODE 12   27m

    Original Air Date: 1/26/2007

    Jay Earl, Bond Administrator, was interviewed regarding year-end details of the many projects underway.

    Also Featured the introduction of the addition project at Mountain View High School and the ribbon cutting ceremony at Centennial Elementary.

  • EPISODE 14   28m

    Original Air Date: 3/28/2007

    Jay Earl, Bond Administrator, is interviewed about the building of Coyote Ridge Elementary, the auditorium and gym additions to Mountain View High School.

  • EPISODE 16   30m

    Original Air Date: 5/25/2007

    Ground breaking at Coyote Ridge Elementary School