Sewing Materials
  • 6th Grade FACS Calendar


    August 26th-October 15th--You Are What You Eat Nutrition Unit
          ***Students will look at what they eat, how to choose "healthy" foods, the importance of breakfast, fruit, carbs, proteins and fats, as well as prepare dishes in the kitchens in cooperative groups.***


    October 20th-October 28th--Relationships
           ***We will discuss relationships in regards to friends, teachers, peers, parents, and community members.  
    We will look at how to make each student see their role in relationships and the leadership potential they all exhibit.***


    October 29th-November 5th--Housing & Interior Design
           ***We will look at the the very basics of Housing & Interior Design in regards to color schemes and floor plan layouts.***


    November 6th-December 19th--Textiles/Sewing Unit
            ***This unit will allow students to learn the skill of hand sewing as well as using the sewing machine to create products to take home.  Students will be required to purchase some materials for class.***