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    The student leadership committee was grateful to have the honor and privilege of being able to meet with Bill Cahill (city manager) and Cecil Gutierrez (mayor of loveland) in order to discuss the available programs and functions in the city of Loveland. We acknowledge that the city of Loveland provides a comfortable atmosphere that allows students, citizens, and community leaders to grow to their fullest potential. For example, the Loveland public library, recreational center, and parks all provide an enriching environment in which citizens are offered jobs, relaxation and an opportunity for expansion of knowledge. The student leadership committee would like to thank the mayor, city manager, and all working components of the city of Loveland for sustaining steady advancement and opportunities that are offered to not only our citizens, but also our developing youth. The student leadership committee is looking forward to the upgrades of our beautiful city and further improvements in the process. Thank you for your time and interest in the progress of our youth.


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