•  Final Effectiveness Ratings 
    Saving reports from Bloomboard - By August 21, 2015


    We have made the switch from Bloomboard to the Colorado Performance Management System (COPMS). 

    As a result, any information stored in Bloomboard will no longer be available starting August 21, 2015. If you would like access to previous years self assessments, observations, artifacts, or evaluations, you will need to download them prior to this date. Please use the document below to support you in your completion of this task. 



    ​The COPMS (also known as RANDA) is free to districts using the State Model Evaluation System.  To read more about RANDA and the CDE selection process for choosing RANDA, click here: http://www.cde.state.co.us/educatoreffectiveness/copms

    Understanding your Ratings
    The following documents detail the cut scores used when determining Professional Practice Ratings, Measures of Student Learning/Outcomes Ratings, and Final Effectiveness Ratings.
    Final Effectiveness Ratings Calculator 
    The Final Effectiveness Rating Calculator was designed to allow you to run scenarios to see how teacher quality standard ratings and student achievement data affects your final effectiveness rating. By forecasting your final effectiveness rating, you will have a clear understanding of how the process works to ultimately increase your effectiveness in the classroom.
    Please note, that this is only a forecasting tool and not a guarantee of final effectiveness rating.
    Please select a calculator tool: 
    2014-2015 Evaluation Cycle- 
    FHS, TOL, SOARs, Phoenix Final Rating 2014-2015 School Year - Coming Soon! 
    Professional Practice Rating Calculator
    This portion can be used to forecast your overall professional practice rating.
    Professional Practice Rating Calcultor  
    You can use the cut points guide to estimate points earned. The guide will appear when the curser if over the indicated cell.
    Cut Point guide  
    Measures of Student Learning Calculator
    This portion can be used to forecast your overall Measures of Student Learning Rating.
     MSL Calculator
    Final Effectiveness Rating
    Scores from the Professional Practice Rating Calculator and the Measures of Student Learning Calculator will be reflected in the Final Ratings Report and the Matrix Graph.
     Final Ratings Report