• College, Enrichment and Career Information

    There are many options and opportunities for students to take college courses both at Berthoud High School and on a college campus. Thompson School District also has a Career Campus. If you are interested, let your counselor know.


    Concurrent Enrollment

          Concurrent Enrollment opportunities allow high school students to take college classes for both high school and college credit.  With college costs continuing to rise CE opportunities can help high school students get a jump start on their post-secondary exploration and education with financial assistance from the district.  Currently our district is running four CE programs; CE High School Select, CE Campus Select, CE FRCC Career Pathways, and CE Aims Academy.  Each program has different requirements outlined below.  
          Before getting started it is important to note that all college credits are not created equally.  Some credits are GT or  "guaranteed to transfer" to in-state colleges upon completion of a two year AA degree, some will transfer to out-of-state colleges, some will simply transfer in as elective credits, some will count only toward a certificate program, and some could end up not counting toward your post-secondary plans at all.  Do your research before signing up for a class and remember that every college and every degree/certificate within that college will honor credits differently.
          A quick note about COF, the College Opportunity Fund.  Every student in the state of Colorado will receive 145 COF stipend discounted credits.  Essentially, Colorado residents pay state income taxes.  These taxes go to many expenditures including roads, hospitals, and education.   One of the ways we see these funds at work in education are through COF.  Students taking CE classes through colleges that use COF will be expected to use their COF stipend discounts. Go to https://cof.college-assist.org/Apply to get more information and to set up your COF account. 

    High School Select

    • What is High School Select?

      High School Select is a concurrent enrollment program that allows high school students to take FRCC, CU Succeed Gold, AIMS, UCCS classes at their home high school for college credit. Tuition is covered by the school district, but students may be responsible for text books.

      Students should be aware that classes are taught at the college-level, and students are expected to meet all college-level requirements, including appropriate placement test scores. Classes are often taught by home high school teachers who meet the qualifications of an FRCC faculty member.

      In High School Select we offer the courses solely based on enrollment numbers,  that is how they get approved by the college. The teacher must be a masters level teachers unless they are approved as Career and Technical education.

    Campus Select

    • What is College Now Campus Select?

      College Now – Campus Select is a concurrent enrollment program that allows high school students to take college classes for FRCC college credit. Tuition is covered by the school district, but students are responsible for paying for textbooks and student fees. 

      The campus select course work is determined in mid to late spring after we develop our registration. Therefore, we are unable to list those classes and times until we know.

      What FRCC classes can I take? 

      Most students enroll in classes that are not offered at their home high schools, such as advanced math, foreign language, welding, or nurse aide training. Students select classes with their home high school counselors that will help fulfill the student's educational and/or career goals. See the current class schedule to see all classes offered. 

    Career Pathways/College Now

           FRCC Career Pathway Programs offer different career and technical options for high school juniors and seniors to participate in on the FRCC campus and extension campuses.  Students will earn high school credit and might have the option to also earn college credits.  These credits are designed to apply toward certificates. Interested students must attend the end of January FRCC CPP Preview Day field-trip where they will get to meet the instructors and students and in most circumstances experience the facilities in which the courses are conducted.  Field-trip forms will be available on this website on the second Wednesday in January.  The field-trip is usually conducted on the last Friday in January.  The field-trip bus is filled on the first-come, first-served basis according to when students return completed field-trip forms to Mrs. Lindstrom in the guidance and counseling office.  If students are still interested in a program after attending the field-trip they will need to sign up for an interview which is usually conducted one to two weeks after the field-trip.  Students who attended a previous years field-trip and received permission to miss the current year's field-trip must still make sure their name in on the interview list.  Front Range staff help select students who are then granted these scholarship slots.  Accepting a FRCC CPP slot is a big deal.  It commits the student to the class for an entire school year.  Students are expected to have excellent attendance, be motivated, respectful, and responsible learners.  These classes are run like other college classes with the high school student needing to take full responsibility for their learning.  Students will follow both their high school and FRCC's schedules.  For more information go to the College Now Page.

    AIMS Career Academy

           Aims Community College Career Academy programs are for students with specific interests in Wildland Firefighting or Graphic Design.  These classes will be held on the Aims Community College Loveland Campus during students' afternoon class periods Monday thru Thursdays.  Click on the links below for more information and then if interested see your guidance counselor ASAP.  These programs have pre-reqs and are filled on the first-come, first-served basis.  Let your counselor know if you are interested.