• Using a Citation Generator on an iPad

    1. Select the generator you want to use and click the link.
    2. Select the format for your citation, MLA, APA, Chicago or Turabian.  Most teachers at MVHS accept MLA, but check to make sure.
    3. Select the type of resource you want to cite, book, article, website, etc.
    4. Complete the fields with the information you can find.  Remember the point is so your reader can find the source you used, but you need more information than just the website!
    5. Click the button to create or submit the citation.
    6. Some generators let you email the citation to yourself, but you still have to copy it and paste it into the Works Cited Page.

    Information about Citing Sources

    Click one of the links below to access your favorite generator.  All except KnightCite allow you to search for a web document by the URL.