• What is it?
    Student Work Samples are utilized within a learning community which uses structures and guidelines (protocols), to discover the relationship between their instruction and student performance on classroom assessments and other samples of student work. Student work is defined as any data or evidence collected by teachers that reveal information about student learning. Such evidence can come from student performances, writing samples, classroom assessments, and standardized tests.
    What do I need to do?
    • Meet with learning community to set targets and measures for student work sample. Collect and reflect on samples and share results with evaluator. 
    • Teacher reflects about this measure and makes connections between the measure and demonstrated elements of professional practice.

    When is the Window?
    When do I share?
    By March 25, 2016
    Examples, templates, and additional resources can be found in schoology. Click on the link or navigate to Groups--Learning Services--Resources--Educator Effectiveness--Required Artifact--Student Work Samples.