• What is it?
    A Lesson Study is a process in which teachers collaboratively plan a lesson. One team member teaches the lesson with others collecting evidence on student learning and development. In a learning community after the lesson is taught, the teacher reflects on the lesson first, and then the other members of the lesson study group share data they collected during the lesson.
    What do I need to do?
    • Plan and teach the lesson for the study. Collect reflection, data and other information shared during the study and share with evaluator. 
    • Teacher reflects about this measure and makes connections between the measure and demonstrated elements of professional practice.

    When is the Window?
    When do I share?
    By March 25, 2016
    Examples, templates, and additional resources can be found in schoology. Click on the link or navigate to Groups--Learning Services--Resources--Educator Effectiveness--Required Artifact--Lesson Study.