• Walt Clark

    School Accountability Advisory Committee
    The Walt Clark School Accountability Advisory Committee (SAAC) is made up of members who represent parents, teachers, students, and administrators.  These stakeholders take an active role in designing, implementing, and evaluating the academic goals of the school.  The also provide and advise on possible improvements at Walt Clark.
    Responsibilities of the SAAC:
    • Observe mandated state law pertaining to school accountability.
    • Recruit and educate new membership and elect officers.
    • Assist in the development of the school Unified Improvement Plan (UIP).
    • Align the UIP with the district's strategic plan.
    • Monitor the progress toward goals identified in the UIP.
    • Initiate ongoing exchange of information with staff, District Accountability Advisory Committee (DAAC) and community.
    • Evaluate UIP at the end of the year to determine success of the plan.
    • Adjust and revise the UIP based on the changing needs of the student population as derived from testing/survey data.
    • Evaluate building budget to reflect the UIP goals.

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    All meetings are held in Office Conference room @ 3:30pm



    WC SAAC 2018 - 2019