• Measures of Student Learning – TSD Assessment Frameworks

    Measures of Student Learning Models:
    Thompson School District seeks to validate the high quality work that teachers in our schools are doing. As data capacities increase, the goal is to provide models, which contain assessments that are shorter cycles, closer to the classroom, and valued by our teachers. As we work towards this goal, incremental steps must be taken.

    Assessment Framework
    The Assessment Framework is a process designed to assist level/content area shared-decision making councils and liaisons in defining measures for individual attribution accounting for 30% of an educator’s evaluation.

    Assessment Audit
    The first step in the assessment development process for TSD is that each grade level or content area complete an assessment audit which consists of he following: 
    Assessment Inventory
    • Compilation of all potential assessments for a given grade level or content area.
    • To be completed by each grade level or content area
    Identification of Defaults
    • Identification of national, state, or vender assessments that will be used in the event that no district assessment is in place.
    • To be completed by each grade level and/or course.
    Assessment Protocol
    • Identification of data information as well as necessary steps needed for district created assessments.
    • To be completed for each individual assessment that is intended to be used for a teacher's educator effectiveness rating.

     Other measure Assessment audit
    Assessment Proposal
    Each level/content area shared-decision making council and liaison group will present a formal proposal detailing the division of the individual attribution accounting for 30% of an educator’s evaluation based on the assessment audit. Each proposal consists of the following elements: 
    1. Default list for content or grade detailing the assessment used for each course/grade
    2. The following for each course or grade
    a. Content assessment List for individual attribution
    b. Assessment Data Summary
    c. Assessment
    d. Report from Assessment Review Tool
    e. Teacher Directions
    f. Scoring Criteria: Guide or rubric
    g. Master Scored Items
    *repeat a-g for each course/grade
    Click here to download the Proposal form.  
    Proposals must be submitted for every school year.
    Proposals for the 2015-2016 school year are due to Carmen Williams by June 12, 2015