• The Thompson School District JROTC Air Rifle Marksmanship program was approved in the Summer of 2013 and elective credit classes in the Spring of 2019. The Marksmanship program promotes teamwork,  self confidence, concentration and basic marksmanship skills. Cadets compete in the Olympic three position 10 meter Air Rifle format. Competition season is in the fall semester with a combination of  eight virtual, shoulder to shoulder matches culminating with the JROTC Postal National championships in December. Freshmen may apply to the program for the spring semester and will compete in the spring national New Shooter program.  The program has a rigorous process for acceptance. Cadets must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and no failing classes. Cadets must attend the safety class and pass at 100% on a written test annually. Only 6 cadets will be accepted in the marksmanship class program each semester so only the best shots are selected for the teams. Team tryouts are held during the 2nd week of May for the fall semester and last week of school in December for the spring semester.    Cadets may earn a school Varsity Letter for competition and participation.