• LHS Peer Ambassadors:  


         Mission Statement
         We, as Peer Ambassadors, will strive to break down barriers and promote a positive environment by encouraging acceptance, growth, and trust in the school community. 

         AMBASSADOR: A person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity


         Who are we?
         We are junior and senior students who work with the LHS counselors to offer support and resources to our peers. We meet twice a month during lunch to receive information and training that will help us be effective in helping others.

         What do we do?
         - Mentor new students who come to LHS
         - Help other students with school related problems
         - Speak at middle schools to assist 8th graders with their transition to high school
         - Lead 9th grade Orientation Day with the Student Council
         - Present on school and teen related issues in Health classes
         - Serve as a Loveland High School leader-in and out of school

         What qualities should a Peer Ambassador possess?

    • Confidence with communication 
    • Leadership
    • Problem-solving skills 
    • Ability to work as part of a team 
    • Responsibility and commitment                                
    • Ability to relate well with a diverse group of people
    • Helpfulness   
    • Kindness                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
    • Bravery
    • Responsibility
    • Integrity
    • Honesty
    • Dependability
    • Awareness
    • Empathy
    • Humor
    • Diversity and Culture
    • Ability to listen


    LHS Peer Ambassador Lettering Requirements:

    • Attendance at meetings: >75%
    • 9th grade transition day and training
    • Healthy Relationships training 
    • Healthy Relationships presentations: Semesters 1 & 2
    • Volunteer Service for at least 2 events including: Back-to-School night, Curriculum Fair, Registration Night, Athletics and Activities Fair or other events as arranged
    • Attend 8th grade middle school transition visit
    • Volunteer for at least 1 additional project (as needed): Welcome videos, new student tours, becoming a student mentor, “Freshman February” (we can reunite first day of school groups together!) 
      • Your own idea!  :)