• Welcome to Second Grade Welcome to Second Grade!  


    September News:

    We are off to a great start of the new year!  We are learning routines and expectations for second grade.

    Reading/Writing:  We have started teaching our new curriculum called Ready Gen.  We use an anchor text with each unit. 

    We have already read Trouble In the Sandbox and are currently reading Friends Around the World. 

    Please ask your child to tell you about these books.

    Math:  We are currently using Math Expressions Unit 1:  Adding and Subtracting Within 20.  We are solving

    word problems, also. It is important that your child knows math facts through 20 within 5 seconds.  

    Social Studies:  Parent volunteers have been visiting our classrooms to teach Junior Achievement. 

    JA is a curriculum to teach community, taxes, jobs, goods and services.  We love Junior Achievement!

    Homework:  Homework starts September 12.  You will be receiving information in the Thursday folder each week. 

    Students are expected to read 15 minutes each day and complete a reading log. 

    Reading logs are due back the following Wednesday. 

    Math should be 5 minutes of math skill review.  This could include flash cards (math mountain cards), games,

    or XtraMath if you choose. 

    If you would like extra math homework for your child, please see the attached Unit 1 homework. 

    If you choose to have your child complete these, please keep them at home.

    Unit 1 homework (optional)

    Blank Reading Log 

    eGames for Math