Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q: What is the status of my application?

    Applications are individually reviewed by the hiring manager after each position closes, or periodically as applications come in if the position is "until filled" or "open". Typically, for a position with a closing date, if you have not heard from someone within five business days after closing, you are not being considered for the position. We strive to respond to all applicants during the week after a hiring decision is made.



    Q:I was offered a teaching position, now what do I do?

    Welcome to the District! Your hiring manager will submit paperwork to the Human Resources department as soon as possible after he/she makes the offer. You will receive an email within 2 business days with the "new hire" paperwork attached. Included with the email is a New Hire memo (with important information for you to review) and a Payroll Packet to be completed and returned (in person) as soon as possible. Until we have the completed payroll packet, we cannot issue you a contract or enter you into our HR system, so please return the packet as soon as possible.

    When you bring in your payroll packet, you will also need to bring:
    • 3 letters of recommendation (unless they were attached to your original application)
    • Copy of your Colorado license
    • Original transcripts for your degrees/certifications – ultimately copies will NOT suffice; however, we will accept copies in the short-term but you must follow up with originals within a month of hire.
    As soon as the paperwork is received and processed, your contract will be issued for you to accept on Employee Online. You will then be able to print a copy.



    Q:I need copies of my fingerprints for another activity; can I get copies from you?

    Due to reporting procedures from CBI for anything that would be on the criminal record, we cannot provide copies of your fingerprints to another organization.



    Q:I want to apply for a position in a lower pay rate, what will happen to my salary?

    Please refer to page 17 of the Classified Staff handbook, or call the classified specialist at 613-5771.



    Q:I think there is an error on my employment contract/notice of assignment; what should I do?

    Please call the Human Resources Department.
    Classified Specialist at 970-613-5771
    Licensed Specialist at 970-613-5002.
    Administrative/Professional/Technical at 613-5008

    We are more than happy to help you with any concerns you have.



    Q:I recently got married/divorced and need to change my name; what paperwork do I need to submit?

    To change your name, you will need to fill out a Name Change form and a CEBT enrollment card (if you have benefits) and a copy of your social security card with your new name to the Human Resources Department so we can update your personnel records. The form is available through Employee Online. Click on Forms and select the Name Change form.



    Q:I submitted my paperwork for a column change and if my column change is approved, will I be receiving a new contract with the new step and column?

    No, please sign the contract you received for the current year. Contracts are mailed in July. Column Changes are not effective until September. When a column change is approved, you will receive a copy for your records. Typically, Column Change salary increases are reflected in the September 27 paychecks unless otherwise stated.



    Q:When can I access my applications on Applitrack for a job that has closed?

    Electronic application materials with a closing date will be opened to the principal and the secretary the morning of the next business day after the position closes. Application materials for positions that are opened until filled will be opened after the position has been posted for five business days.



    Q:I forgot my Employee ID number, where can I find it?

    Your employee ID number (EID) can be found:
    • on your teaching contract/notice of assignment
    • on your monthly paycheck or EFT statement (directly under your name)
    • the school/department secretary
    You may also contact the Human Resources Department at 613-5773 for assistance.



    Q:I am a current teacher in-district, how do I go about renewing my license?

    Please visit the Colorado Department of Education website at to complete the proper on-line application. You can also check the status of your license and if you have met CDE fingerprint requirements at this site. If you have additional licensing questions, you can contact the HR Dept. at extension 5012 or 5008. You can submit renewal applications to CDE up to six months in advance, so please plan accordingly. Also, if you were required to submit fingerprints this will delay processing of your application as CDE must receive the fingerprint information from CBI before your license can be renewed or issued.



    Q:I have an undergraduate degree in a non- teaching area, how can I become a teacher?

    There are a number of options to get into the teaching profession. Many universities offer teaching licensure programs for individuals that have earned an undergraduate degree. Some local and regional programs are available at:
    Another way to become a teacher is through the Alternative Teacher Licensing Program. An applicant must first take and pass the Place or Praxis test in the content area they are interested in teaching. Then the applicant must complete the application on the CDE website, submit official transcripts to CDE for review and evaluation and be fingerprinted. Once this review is completed the application is issued a Statement of Eligibility which allows them to apply for teaching positions. More information regarding the ATLP program can be found on the CDE website.



    Q:How can I change from a twelve (12) month pay to a ten (10) month pay cycle?

    Current employees must submit their change request in writing by May 1 of each year. Changes cannot be made during the year. New hires must submit their request in writing at time of hire. All temporary classified employees who are hired after September 1 will automatically be placed on a ten (10) month payment schedule.



    Q:I want to change my payroll deductions; how do I do that?

    Fill out a W-4 form (available at the Reception desk in the Administration Building, Employee Online and the Intranet) and submit to Payroll.



    Q:How does the payroll cycle work?

    All TSD employees are required to have "direct deposit". If you are a new employee it may take the first pay cycle before the direct deposit is set up. If that is the case, your check will be mailed to your home address. All TSD employees are paid monthly. Pay dates are the 27th of each month.

    New licensed staff hired and processed by August 1, have the option of choosing a 13 month pay cycle for their first year of employment. Their salary is prorated over 13 months. Thereafter, they must select either the 12 or 10 month pay option.

    Classified and APT employees who work less than 200 days or less have the option of being paid on a 12 or 10 month pay cycle. Nutrition Services and Transportation staff are paid on a ten month basis.



    Q:I am considering a licensed position with Thompson School District. I have a master's degree and 15 years of experience as a licensed employee with other districts. How will my starting salary be determined?

    We base our licensed staff salaries on education and experience. Therefore, it depends on what level of education you have achieved and how it fits onto our salary schedule. We only accept credits above the bachelor's degree that are GRADUATE level credits. We do NOT accept professional development credits from other districts.

    Experience is accepted up to six (6) years; therefore, you would start on the salary schedule as a MA 00, Step 7.