Employee Online

  • Employee Online is for the exclusive use of current and former employees of the Thompson School District.

    Employee Online is accessible on any computer (home or work) and will allow employees to access a variety of information and review records such as:

    • Personal Information – home address, phone number/s, email and emergency contact information
    • Payroll Information – direct deposit, check stubs, w-2, tax info., and a "what if" calculator that gives you the ability to try different scenarios and see how they might affect your take home pay
    • Insurance Benefits – medical/dental, vision and supplemental plans, coverage and cost
    • Job Assignment Information – position/s, dates of service, salary, licenses, education

    In addition, EO will provide access to commonly used forms such as direct deposit, W4, column change and extra hours time sheet. Recommended browsers are Internet Explorer or Safari.

How do I access Employee Online

  • You will be asked to provide a user name and password. Your user name will be your Employee ID number (EID) and your initial password will be your social security number. Your (EID) can be found:

    • on your EID card
    • on your employment contract/notice of assignment
    • on your monthly paycheck or EFT statement (directly under your name)
    • the school/department secretary

    After your initial log in you will be prompted to create a new password for future access. If you have questions about these instructions call Human Resources at: 613-5771.

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