• I’m Interested in Sending My Child to Early Childhood!
    What Should I Do?


    Step 1: Is My Child Eligible for Early Childhood?

    • My family lives within the Thompson School District boundaries. Not sure?  Check your address here.
    • My child will be age 3 or 4 by October 1st which may qualify for Head Start, the Colorado Preschool Program, and tuition pay.


    Step 2: Complete the following Applications

    1. Please complete this Early Childhood application. If you have any difficulty filling out this form, please contact the Early Childhood office at 970-613-5052.
    2. Complete online registration – click here  New Student Registration

    * Please complete both the application and registration above.
    ** Completing the applications does not guarantee placement into a program. (see the qualifying factors listed below in each program)

    Step 3: Application Process Timeline

    1. Complete the application and registration as listed above
    2. If you qualify for Head Start or Colorado Preschool Program, you will be contacted to provide qualifications and schedule a screening (see below for program descriptions)
    3. If you are applying for Tuition Pay Preschool, you will be placed into the lottery system for available slots (see below for program descriptions)
    4. Once your child is accepted into a program, you must complete all additional paperwork and submit required documents in order to finalize enrollment
    5. After all documentation is completed and submitted, you will be contacted about a placement at one of the TSD Early Childhood sites.

    The following records are required within 30 days of enrollment into the program:

    • Physical Exam / Well Child Check: Preschool Program ages 3 to 5 years
      • Physical Exam/Well Child Check completed annually
      • Up-to-date immunization record
      • Head Start students require lead, hematocrit testing and a dentist exam at least once each year starting at age 12 months with any dental treatments if your child has cavities or other dental needs

    Application Periods

    Communication about Placement

    Open Enrollment / Early Application
    December 1 – February 28

    By May 1

    March 1 – Last day of School (May 24)

    June 10

    New Applications
    May 20 – August 1

    Prior to the first day of school

    Ongoing Year-Round Applications
    Anytime after August 2

    Varies based on volume & site requested

    Step 4: Review Program Options

    • Families may qualify for no-cost preschool through Head Start, Colorado Preschool Program and Special Education factors.
    • Tuition pay preschool – half day options for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
    • Half day or limited full day options are available for Head Start and Colorado Preschool Program on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

    Program Descriptions

    • Please read the information on each program to determine which option might best suit your child’s needs.


    Tuition-Based (1/2 day only):

    2021-2022 rates (2022-2023 rates not available yet):

    • Tuition rates are as follows:
      • $280 per month for the 3 hour program
      • $290 per month for the 3 ½ hour program
    • A one-time payment of $280 non-refundable enrollment is due upon placement acceptance
    • Any age-eligible child may apply for a tuition-based placement
    • Availability dependent on space
    • If space is unavailable, your child will be placed on a waitlist

    Head Start

          Family qualifies with at least one of the following situations:

    • Family income is at or below Federal poverty level
    • Family is homeless, doubled up due to financial hardship, or living in substandard housing
    • Family provides foster/kinship care
    • Family receives public assistance (SSI or TANF)


    2022-2023 Federal Guidelines

    Family Size

    Head Start



























    Add 4,720 per person



          Colorado Preschool Program (CPP)

          Child must be age 3 or 4 by Oct 1, a 3-year-old needs three factors listed below, a 4-year-old needs one factor listed below

    • Speech/language concerns or child is an English language learner
    • Frequent moves in the past 12 months (2 or more)
    • Social/emotional concerns by guardian or others
    • Alcohol or drug abuse by a family member
    • Family income is within 185% of federal poverty level or falls below the Larimer County Self-Sufficiency Standard
    • Either parent was less than 18 years old and unmarried at the time of child’s birth
    • Living situation qualifies as homeless
    • Child is in foster care or receiving services from DHS
    • Reported abuse by an adult in the home
    • Either parent has not completed high school or GE

          Preschool Special Education

    • State and Federal mandated program for 3, 4 and 5 year olds who, based on evaluation, demonstrate significant delay in 1 or more areas of development (intellectual, communication, physical/motor, social/emotional, etc.) and meet the eligibility criteria for an educational disability.
    • Parents/Guardians should contact the Child Find program if they have significant concerns about their child at 970-613-5762