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    September 23, 2021 / Revised Feb 10, 2022

    Welcome to Thompson School District’s 2021-2022 COVID Response: Prepared to Learn Plan, which is designed to provide you with detailed information on what students, families and staff members can expect to see and experience as they return for the upcoming school year.

    Beginning August 16, 2021, all TSD students will return to in-person learning at their school. With the following COVID-19 precautions in place.

    Layered Mitigation Measures

    • Isolation and quarantine: Isolation and quarantine guidance has been updated. Students and staff can return on day 6-10 of quarantine or isolation but must wear a mask and all symptoms must be gone or improving. Those who cannot or choose not to must remain out the full 10 days.
    • Symptom Screening: Students, teachers, or staff who are experiencing new symptoms of COVID-19 regardless of vaccination status, should stay home and seek testing.
    • Handwashing: Proper and frequent handwashing and sanitation is encouraged, as well as proper respiratory etiquette.
    • Cleaning and Disinfection: Increased cleaning and disinfection, including regular disinfection of high touch surfaces.
    • Ventilation: Building ventilation will remain at an increased level including higher introduction of outside air, continuous exhaust, and longer system run-times. Fans are encouraged.
    • Testing (please see the Testing page).
    • Vaccinations (please see the Vaccinations section below).
    • Masking (please see the Masking section below).


    • Effective February 12, 2022, masks are not required for students and staff in most instances. Please see below for exceptions to this guidance.
    • Students and staff will be supported in their decision to continue to wear masks if they choose to do so.
    • Masks are still required for anyone returning to school between days 6 - 10 isolation, quarantine or those choosing not to test after COVID symptoms. Families can choose to keep their child out through day 10, but to return after 5 days will require consistent masking.
    • Individuals with COVID symptoms who return after a negative test will be required to mask until symptoms disappear.
    • Masks will continue to be provided at schools for use by students and staff.


    • Approved 504 process as outlined HERE

    COVID-19 Testing:

    Drive-thru community testing sites in Larimer County
    There are two drive-thru COVID-19 testing sites in Larimer County. They offer RT-PCR testing. Testing is available for those who are ages 2 and older, with or without symptoms, on a drive-up basis only. Appointments are not needed but do speed up the process. Testing is FREE and health insurance is not required.

    • Loveland: Foundations Church, 1380 N. Denver Avenue, Loveland
      • Parking lot area on the east/back side of the building
      • Pre-Register for Loveland (not required but makes the process faster)
    • Fort Collins: Timberline Church, 2908 South Timberline Road

    Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday from 8am-6pm at each site

    Other local testing options

    (all these tests can be used with or without symptoms and are acceptable for return to school after symptoms or early release from quarantine)

    • Most local Doctor’s offices offer rapid testing, both for early return from quarantine and for symptomatic testing. Let them know ahead of time that you need testing for either. (Dr visit fees may apply).
    • Walgreens and King Soopers both have availability for next day appointments. Some of these options do not require parents to accompany children, just an online consent signed. Some fees apply but most are waived at this point.
    • See all Larimer county options


    Change to definition of immunization and quarantine exemption: CDC also updated its guidance to clarify eligible ages requiring boosters to be considered exempt from quarantine. With this update, those under 18 are not required to have booster shots to be considered exempt from quarantine for school-related exposures. They just need to be two weeks past their second dose. Boosters continue to be required of those 18 or older to be exempt from quarantine.

    • It is no longer enough to be “fully vaccinated” to be exempted from quarantine. Only close contacts to a positive case who have met one of the following criteria are exempted from quarantine, according to new CDPHE guidance:
      • You are aged 18 or older and have received all recommended vaccine doses, including boosters and additional primary shots for some immunocompromised people.
      • You are age 5-17 years and completed the primary series of COVID-19 vaccines and if 5 months after second dose have received your booster.
      • You had confirmed COVID-19 within the last 90 days (must have been reported to TSD).

    Contact Tracing and Quarantines for Outbreaks:

    • One case in classroom or activity
      • No contact tracing except when a cluster or outbreak is determined.
    • Two to four cases (Pre-Outbreak) defined as two or more linked cases. This status is determined by LCDHE, and a letter will be sent to building leadership from them notifying of the pre-outbreak status.
      • No contact tracing required at this point. Will be required if cases continue.
      • High risk activities such as band and athletics could be quarantined as directed by LCDHE
    • Five or more cases (Outbreak) - Defined as five or more confirmed cases within a school, classroom or activity by the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment. This status is determined by LCDHE, and a letter will be sent to building leadership from them notifying of the outbreak status.
      • Notify staff, teachers, and the parents and guardians of students informing them of the outbreak and required protection measures within 2 working days.
      • In consultation with LCDHE, conduct contact tracing for quarantine of all close contacts who do not meet at least one of the individual-level protection criteria listed below:
        • Fully vaccinated (two weeks have passed since receiving one dose of J&J or the second dose of Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines)
        • Previously tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 90 days using a molecular or antigen test collected by a trained medical professional. Antibody tests do not meet this criteria.
      • Classrooms may be closed up to 14 days when directed by the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment
      • Modification of Activities Extracurricular activities such as band and athletics may be modified to minimize risk of exposure.
      • Athletics will be handled on a case by case basis depending on the identified level of risk.

    Performing Arts:

    • In order to minimize the number of students and staff who are impacted from quarantine if a case is identified, masks will be encouraged during practice times and leading up to performances.
    • If a COVID-19 case occurs that is connected to a performance and there is no way to know who the person was in contact with, it is likely that individuals in the entire performance will be quarantined, regardless of the timing of the event or performance. If seating charts or small groups are used and the performer can be confirmed to have only been in the vicinity of a certain group of people, only those individuals will need to quarantine.
    • Vaccinated individuals without symptoms do not need to quarantine.
    • Masks are not required during performances.


    • Individuals in sports activities will not need to mask during practice or games.
    • The identification of one COVID-19 could lead to a quarantine for the entire team for a minimum of six days from the last exposure.
    • An increase in COVID-like symptoms in an activity could also result in a temporary activity closure.
    • The use of masks during sports and during practices, play and among cohorts can minimize the number of students who are quarantined after an exposure.
    • Vaccinated individuals without symptoms do not need to quarantine.

    School events and activities: (parent teacher conferences, meetings, events)

    • Masks are no longer required for spectators or visitors in TSD buildings.

    Additional Information:

    • There are no requirements for lunchroom or classroom physical distancing.
    • Parents and volunteers will be allowed to enter school buildings
    • Regular safety practices such as ID checks and signing in are required.
    • Shared materials are allowed, but hand washing or sanitizing of items should be completed in between student use.

    Continuity of Services:

    • Teachers utilize a structure of both in person and remote learning in the event of class, grade or activity quarantine or closure.
    • Thompson Connect Online is available for TSD families. Families must verify that they are enrolling due to a COVID-19 health or safety concern. For more information about TCO please visit the TCO Website.
    • Technology for Learning: One to One Student Devices are available at all TSD locations for in-person use. Procedures for device check out for remote learning options are school-based.
    • Free breakfast and lunches will be provided for the 2021-2022 School Year. For more information please visit the TSD Nutrition Services Website. Meal services are available to Thompson Connect Online students through their attendance area schools
    • Transportation
    • Attendance Procedures for COVID and other Variants
    • Additional Family Supports Available @ TSD’s Family Center

    Throughout the pandemic, Thompson School District has partnered with the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment to help ensure safety for students, staff members and visitors at our campuses. That process is still in place today and we continue to work with county professionals and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. We will continue to monitor the developments of the pandemic and update as necessary.

    Thompson School District COVID 19 Dashboard

    Questions about any of this guidance can be directed to Katie O’Donnell, COVID-19 Coordinator for Thompson School District, katie.odonnell@tsd.org or 970-698-1701.

    October 13, 2021
    Revised February 10, 2022