• In the Thompson School District (TSD), we focus on the well-being of each student and ensuring that each student is successful. We work on the skills that students need, which we have defined in our Portrait of a TSD GraduateThompson Connect Online (TCO) will have the same priorities that TSD has created for all of its schools and programs.
    • Mission: The Thompson School District engages every student in a personalized, well-rounded, and excellent education, preparing students to be college and career ready.
    • Vision: The Thompson School District engages, empowers, and inspires today’s students in partnership with families and communities to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

    Students who are in Thompson Connect Online (TCO) will actively participate with Thompson School District (TSD) educators and peers. For each grade level, the online platforms for TCO will help students achieve their academic goals and show progress toward meeting and exceeding learning standards.

    In addition to the curriculum materials we have selected from national sources, students in TCO will engage in learning that supports students' social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health. Collaboration with TSD staff (from various departments) will assist students' work in TCO; TSD is committed to helping each student succeed.

    Participation: There are two types of activities that TCO students will have each day. These will occur at all grade levels:

    • Asynchronous ("anytime" activities): These lessons will be completed at a time that works for students and their families. Descriptions will be provided by teachers or through the websites provided; students may need to be logged on for some assignments or there may be "offline" tasks - like reading or completing a "hands on" project - that students may complete.
    • Synchronous ("same time" or "real time" activities): These will be scheduled by TSD educators. Students will be expected to be in an online "class meeting" with other students or in online conversations with TSD staff. Sessions will likely use web-based tools and apps (like Google Meet) so that students and staff can be online together.


    Students will remain students in their "enrolled schools". Students from the same school of enrollment will be in courses together, to the greatest extent possible. Extracurricular activities that are available to students through the students' typically-assigned school enrollment will also be options for students who participate in TCO. Such opportunities will be forwarded to students in TCO for their consideration. School calendars will follow the same calendar that students have in the rest of the Thompson School District; holidays/breaks will be the same. Times of day for school lessons may vary; communications from TCO staff will clarify expectations for participation.