• Athletic Eligibility for Middle Schools

    2020-2021 School Year

    Athletic Directors (AD) at your school will pull grades every Monday.  Eligibility is Tuesday to Monday.  If an athlete is ineligible, they will be unable to participate from Tuesday until the following Monday when new eligibility begins. The AD will talk with the coach and athlete to explain what classes are causing the athlete to be ineligible. They will help work on a plan to progress the athlete on a path to understanding and working harder to improve the Standards Based Scoring (SBS) and letter grades to regain eligibility.

    Athletics in middle school is the start to understanding that academics come first followed by athletics.  Together they are powerful for the student/athlete’s growth.  We want to encourage every athlete to work hard in both academics and athletics. 

    The SBS will use 1.5 as a base from the 4 point rubric.

    Two (2) substandard courses make an athlete ineligible. The AD and teacher will discuss all SBS scores that are 1.5 or lower and look at the trends with the habits/work ethic of the athlete.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to your AD for assistance in understanding this process.

    Kevin Miles CBMS Athletic Director at kevin.miles@thompsonschools.org