Information about the Longs Peak Science and Engineering Fair

  • Science Fair Thompson School District will not be hosting a district Science Fair this school year. Any students interested in competing in the Regional Science Fair may register and must follow all guidelines for participation. The deadlines for participation in the regional fair are listed below. All students in grades 5-12 are eligible to participate in the Long's Peak Science and Engineering Fair (LPSEF). If you would like to participate, please contact Michelle Stout at or 970-613-5057 to submit your paperwork. You must submit your paperwork to TSD before beginning your project.

    Notice - these are LPSEF deadlines. If you would like to participate, you will need to submit your paperwork to TSD before these deadlines so our IRB can review the project.

    • December 21, 2020 - Forms due to LPSEF for projects requiring critical forms necessary for projects involving vertebrates, humans, DNA, tissues, and pathogenic or controlled substances.  
    • January 4, 2021 - LPSEF event online registration 
    • January 25, 2021 -  Project forms are due for review and approval. (All researchers must submit completed project forms (online only). Please do not send hard copies of the forms.
    • February 8, 2021 - Last day to submit student registration fees ($20/student)
    • February 24 & 25, 2021 - Longs Peak Science & Engineering Fair (LPSEF) Virtual Event
    • February 26, 2020 - LPSEF Awards Ceremony