• Student using an iPad

    Welcome to the “FAQ” pages for Thompson School Distict’s 2020-2021 Back-To-School planning process. Additional questions and answers will be posted on these pages as we move forward in welcoming students back this Fall. Thank you as always for your continued support.

  • How do students in Thompson Connect Online (TCO) 100% continual online learning log on?

  • Where can students check out a device for online leaning?

  • What if a family is having problems getting connected to the internet?

  • Where do students turn in devices checked out last Spring?

  • How can TSD students and their guardians get technical support for online learning?

  • If I choose full online schooling, will the technology be provided for each child?

  • Can Students Use a Personal Computer for Online Learning?

  • Will all HS students be assigned a portable device (ie Chromebook) at the beginning of the semester for their online classes?