Families & Schools as Partners

Supporting Student Success During TSD @ Home Learning

  • The Thompson School District (TSD) Board of Education believes that the education of each student is a responsibility shared by the school as well as parents. The Board recognizes the need for a constructive partnership between the district and parents that provides for two-way communication and fosters educational support for students and parents. In the TSD Family/School Partnership in Education Policy, the word “parent” also includes guardians and other members of a student’s family involved in the student’s education.
    Teacher sitting next to a student and looking at the student's laptop while student is typing on it.

     During TSD @ Home Learning, we want families to:

    • Feel welcome and to be connected to each other, to your school staff, and to what students are learning in class.
    • Be a part of regular, meaningful communication about student learning.
    • Know that schools value, respect, and support your diverse perspectives and situations; and
    • Understand how valuable families are to student success. 

    We ask families to: 

    • Check TSD communications often for up-to-date information and learning plans (use the translate button at the top right of the TSDwebpage to change the browser as needed).
    • Encourage your student’s participation in learning activities.
    • Reach out and let your school and teachers know how they can support you.
    • Monitor your student’s use of TSD technology per the checkout agreement.

    We ask students in TSD to:

    • Give your best effort! 
    • Be safe, respectful, and responsible.
    • Connect with your school friends and teachers by joining ‘live’ online class sessions or watch the recordings provided.
    • Try to complete all learning activities assigned by teachers.
    • Stay in contact with school staff. 
    • Pay attention to your feelings; stay active, and take healthy breaks from screen time.
    • Ask for help from trusted adults and seek additional support when you need it.

    Ways families can support children’s success during TSD @ Home Learning: 

    • Helping your student manage their learning and encouraging them to:
      • Understand new learning expectations,
      • Find spaces that support learning,
      • Participate in all classes,
      • Complete activities, and
      • Ask teachers and counselors questions when needed.
    • Encouraging opportunities for physical activity and healthy breaks.
    • Communicating or encouraging your student to communicate with their teacher if you have questions about assignments or activities.
    • Celebrating your student’s participation and successes.
    • Supporting your student’s social and emotional well being.


    Please visit the TSD COVID-19 Resource page for more information and updates.