Teleconferencing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What if I am actively in a Mental Health crisis? 


    24-Hour Mental Health Crisis Line: 1 (844) 493-TALK (8255) or Text the word TALK to 38255 

    Crisis Text Line: Text the word HOME to 741741  

    Safe2Tell: 1-877-542-7233,

    Please refer to the Mental Health resource page for additional resources.

    Teleconferencing Limits and Confidentiality Statement:  

    • Teleconferencing through Google Hangouts Meet may be used to connect family and students with Thompson School District (TSD) staff during normal school hours (8am-4pm). This platform has been deemed HIPAA and FERPA compliant at this time. 
    • Statements shared with any TSD employee regarding concerns about the safety of a student or anyone else (made by the student or shared by another party) that requires immediate intervention, will be addressed in a manner to get immediate assistance, such as calling 911.
    • As per Colorado State statute, all school district employees are mandated reporters and follow TSD protocols in regards to Child Protection concerns. 
    • School and district staff are providing support similar to what would be expected under normal circumstances. Thompson School District is not replacing or acting as an outside agency or serving as a mental health provider. District and school professionals can work with families and students in need of additional support and help with making referrals for outside services to the best of their ability as requested. Thompson School District does not assume financial responsibility for outside mental health treatment or services.
    • During this time, there should not be a presumption of confidentiality or privacy as services are provided remotely. 

    Q) What is teleconferencing?

    A) Teleconferencing is a way to communicate and meet using a telecommunication system. TSD staff is likely to use Google Hangouts Meet, which is both HIPPA and FERPA compliant. Google Hangouts Meet can be used WITHOUT video (ie, phone or mic only), and you can access the system through your email or the Google Hangouts Meet App.  (see below for instructions)

    Q) What are the limitations of teleconferencing?

    A) Though the internet may provide the appearance of privacy, there is always a potential risk to using a telecommunication system including interruptions, technical difficulties and the risk of a confidentiality breach. 

    Q) What can I expect from my child’s school support team? 

    A) TSD staff will work to provide students with similar support that they can receive at school. Students and their families have the ability to connect with their school counselors, school psychologists, school and district social workers, and other social emotional, wellness, and mental health support staff. Please reach out to your school support personnel as needed.  You can find their emails on your school’s website.

    Q) Where do I get my general school questions answered?

    A) TSD website, individual school websites, or you can email: 

    Q) Where can I access academic support?

    A) Email your teacher, case manager, or counselor for guidance/direction.  

    Q) Where can I access school counseling support?

    A) You can access your school counselors by emailing them directly through their school email (available on your school’s website) and they will get back to you within 2 business days. 

    Q) How can I access other social emotional support from the District Support Services Team (DSST)?

    A) You can send an email to the Please provide your name, student’s name, student’s school, best time to reach you, best email to reach you, and brief description of your needs. A District Support Services Team (DSST) member will get back to you within 2 business days. Please note if this is an emergency, call 911.

    Q) What support will the District Support Services Team (DSST) provide? 

    A) Members of the District Support Services Team (DSST) will include various district members with a mental health background and licensure. In addition to your school-based mental health team, we can offer enhanced support by providing coping skills to handle stress, anxiety, and depression. However, we CANNOT provide therapy. We can help problem-solve areas of concern, provide skills for mindfulness and self-care, and assistance connecting you with community agencies for mental health services. 

    Q) How will a District Support Services Team (DSST) member get back in touch with me? 

    A) Through your listed or preferred email account.   

    Q) How do I use Google Hangouts Meet to connect with a TSD staff member? 

    A) You will receive a calendar invitation from school staff prior to your appointment. Within that invitation will be a link to click “join” and follow at the time of the meeting. This link can be used on any device - computer, tablet or phone.

    • You can do this with phone/mic only if video is either unavailable or not a comfortable way to be in contact with school/district support.
    • If you would like to test your ability to use Google Meet prior to your first meeting, you can take the following steps:

    For Google Hangouts Meet on your Computer:

    • Using Google Meet on your computer requires that you have either Google Chrome (preferred) or Firefox installed on your system. 
    • Once you have installed either web browser, click on the link included in the appointment notification you received in your email, and your Google Meet conference will launch.
    • An ‘Ask to Join this Meeting’ button will appear if you are attempting to use the platform for the first time; your school staff member will be able to let you into the meeting.
    • Alternatively, you can also open the Google Meet website and enter the conference code manually.
    • You can do this with phone/mic if video is either unavailable or not a comfortable way to be in contact with school/district support.

    For Google Hangouts Meet on your Smartphone or Tablet:

    • You can use your smartphone or tablet to meet with your school staff member on Google Meet.
    • Install the application from your device’s app store. Search for the app named “Google Hangouts Meet”.
      The icon looks like this: green callout with white web camera in the center
    • Once you’ve installed the app, click on the conference room link that was included in the invitation email and you will be taken to the conference room. If you click the link before you install the app, you will be directed to your app store to do so.
    • There are not any accounts to be made or verified, you only need to click on the link at the time of your appointment to join the meeting.
    • If you need any assistance with your first appointment, please contact your school staff member directly at their email address. 
      • You can do this with a phone or microphone only, if you do not have a web camera or if video is unavailable - or if you are not comfortable displaying your video when in contact with school/district support.

    If you do not have a Smartphone, you may use any phone to connect. Please request the meeting phone number is provided to you.

    What your school counselor, school social worker, or school psychologist can do to support you:

    • Refer you to outside resources
    • Psychoeducational support
    • Parent support
    • Access your teachers
    • Academic support
    • Resources
    • Answer questions in regards to IEP, 504, and Exceptional Student Services (ESS) services/support
    • Post-secondary needs
    • Outside mental health support
    • Access district level mental health support
    • Crisis intervention
    • Parent support with district level staff
    • District level support for resources
    • Connect with Exceptional Student Services (ESS) Coordinator


Last Modified on April 13, 2020