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Pathfinder Internship

  • Download the Pathfinder Internship Program flyer here

    Pathfinder Internship provides students with the oppotunity to work with a local business or organization in order to:

    • Expand their awareness and knowledge of career opportunities in an industry
    • Build knowledge and skills related to that career pathway, and
    • Develop personal and work-related skills in a professional environment

    Internships are typically unpaid.  Sutdents will work with the Business Community Coordinator to secure a site.  


    Pathfinder Internship Requirements/Prerequisites:

    • Juniors or Seniors (apply as a sophomore or junior)
    • On-track for on-time graduation from high school
    • 2.25 Cumulative GPA and 2 letters of recommendation (you may still be eligible for an internship even if your GPA is below 2.25)
    • Strong attendance and positive behavior
    • Must provide own transportation
    • Readiness for an Internship may be determined by the student's attainment of skills/knowledge related to the chosedn pathway, which may be evidenced through completion of a course(s), their ICAP, through work or volunteer experience, or as stated through the letters of recommendation.


    Credits and Scheduling:

    • Credits: 1.5 credits per semester.  Qualifies for the Career Pathways Elective graduation requirement.  Students will receive a grade of S or U (pass/fail) for each semester.  Internship does not impact GPA.
    • Time length:  1 semester, may be repeated for a second semester.
    • Hours: 195 total hours at worksite per semester, approximately 11 hours/week. 
    • Schedule:  Morning or afternoon schedule, depending on business needs or student schedule constraints.  Students spend half the day at school and half the day at their internship site. 


    Pathfinder Internship Application Process for the 2021-2022 school year:

    COVID-19 update:  We are currently in the process of determining if students are able to participate in TSD-sponsored internships during the 2021-22 school year.  More information to come in early 2021.  

    1. Attend a virtual Work-Based Learning Information Night in January or February 2021 (dates and details to come). This event is not required, but is a great opportunity for students and families to learn about all the work-based learning options and receive support and resources for resumes, cover letters, and interview preparation. 
    2. Complete the ONLINE APPLICATION (including 2 letters of recommendation). Application deadline is March 31, 2021.
    3. Internship Discovery Meeting: After applying, eligible students will be invited to meet with the Business Community Coordinator to determine readiness for a Pathfinder Internship and discuss options for securing a site. Students take the lead in securing a site and will meet/interview with businesses.
    4. Register for Course and Next Steps: Once accepted into the program, students will then meet with their counselor to register for internship as part of their course schedule. We will connect you with your school’s Work-Based Learning Coordinator to polish your resume and interview skills and to establish check-ins and coursework requirements. Prior to the start of your internship, you will also participate in a mandatory Workplace Readiness Training.


    For more information, please contact:

    TSD Business Community Coordinator:

    Work-Based Learning Coordinators at each high school: