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    E3 Learning is a personalized learning opportunity available to students in grades K – 12 in Loveland and Berthoud, Colorado. The program is part of the Extended Learning Opportunities Program facilitated by Thompson School District at Ferguson High School. Our mission at E3 Learning is to seek out and pave the pathways for students to:


    Students need time to explore ideas and concepts in a hands-on way. This ‘tinkering time’ leads to important discoveries and unique learning growth. Our students have time for exploration as they continue to grow in their ability to read, write, and calculate.


    As E3 students discover their interests and passions through exploration, they begin to engage with those ideas through independent study projects with the supervision of a teacher and experts in the field. These experts are community mentors who enhance learning and provide authentic, real-world experiences.


    As students progress, they often determine a vocational path supported by their passion. Students, at this point in the program, have a wide variety of options to earn credit for both high school and college. From online classes to concurrent enrollment, E3 students find the support they need to reach their personal life goals. Our staff believes your student should be able to craft their own education as we provide guidance in the personalized learning journey planning.