• Class Evaluations

    Each student will receive an evaluation at the end of each grading period. The teacher of record will seek input from the student, mentor(s), and E3 staff. The following will be required documentation:

    • An Independent Exploration Student Learning Plan that articulates what the student will learn and how the learning will be demonstrated.
    • A completed time sheet documenting participation on your project and tasks completed. Credit correlates to the amount of time below:
      • Minimum 32.5 hours .25 credit
      • Minimum 65 hours .5 credit
      • Minimum 97.5 hours .75 credit
      • Minimum 130 hours 1 credit
    • A demonstration that will take place near the end of each semester. Students are expected to show us what you have been working on, discuss successes, and determine next steps.
    • A teacher-of-record evaluation. This can either be a written evaluation of what the student has learned or a competency rubric.

    Failure to meet all four of the above requirements will result in an unsatisfactory grade. The teacher of record, with input from other staff, will determine final grades.