Ubiquitous Technology Access (UTA) Schools

  • There are many forms of UTA including One-to-One (student issued take home), One-to-Classroom (core classroom stay-in-school), and Daily Checkout (student checkout stay-in-school). Nine schools have been selected to go to UTA status at some time during the 2019-20 school year to add to the four schools in TSD that we already maintain at UTA status (MVHS, CBMS, HPK8, and LEES).

    Student devices come from three possible types, 1. iPad, 2. Lenovo 300e 2nd Gen, and 3. HP 11 G7 EE Touch Chromebook. A UTA school has enough student devices for all enrolled students rounded up to the nearest 25, plus 30. UTA schools receive significant upgrades and access to student technology in classrooms and labs. TSD’s Innovative Technology Services has begun implementing UTA with the first school on the list and will continue through the list by deploying new student technology and arranging professional development throughout the school year. Other schools will implement UTA when they are ready and resources become available. The UTA Implementation List for 2019-20 is: 

    1. Turner Middle School
    2. Berthoud High School
    3. Bill Reed Middle School
    4. Walt Clark Middle School
    5. Carrie Martin Elem. School
    6. Ivy Stockwell Elem. School
    7. Loveland High School
    8. Monroe Elem. School
    9. Berthoud Elem. School

    For the steps needed for a school to become a UTA school, see the UTA Planning Steps here.