• Battle of the Books 2019-2020


    Vision: Support the development of future-ready readers, thinkers, innovators, inquirers, and collaborators.  To inspire and empower the lifelong pursuit of learning and reading.

    Please use this email to connect with us.  bob@thompsonschools.org


    Chairs: Amy Gebhardt, Christian Byloo, and Debbie Whitney      

    Co-Chairs: Jo Conlon and the Loveland Public Library


    The Chairs and Co-Chairs of Battle of the Books would like to thank all teams for a fun and exciting first week of battles held at the Loveland Public Library.  We are so proud of all participant's students, coaches, parents, family, and extended family who have supported these students on their journey in Battle of the Books. 


    The reading list for next year's battle will be posted here in April 2020.  

     2020 Grand Battle Schedule      


    Official results of February 22, 2020, Grand Battle at the Loveland Public Library.

    Thank you for coming to the Grand Battle!  Our packed rooms made Saturday fun and exciting for all teams!

    We are checking scores to determine 3rd and 4th place.  


    3rd Grade:    

    • 1st Place - Cottonwood Plains Elementary School

    • 2nd Place - New Vision K-8 Charter School 

    • 3rd Place - Centennial Elementary School

    • 4th Place - Ponderosa Elementary School

    4th Grade:

    • 1st Place - Centennial Elementary School

    • 2nd Place - Carrie Martin Elementary School

    • 3rd Place - Namaqua Elementary School

    • 4th Place - New Vision K-8 Charter School

    5th Grade:

    • 1st Place - New Vision K-8 Charter School 

    • 2nd Place - Cottonwood Plains Elementary School

    • 3rd Place - Centennial Elementary School

    • 4th Place - B.F. Kitchen Elementary School


     BOB Survey!   

    2020 BOB Schedule                                           

    2019-2020  Battle of the Books Weekly Team Score Sheet



    The Battle of the Books (BOB) committee chose to create a reading book list per grade level to increase student participation, reading interests, and literature.

    The Book List for 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade.             BOB form letter click here to download.


    Your school is invited to bring one team of each 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students to compete against other schools in January and February for the Grand Battle held at the Loveland Public Library.  Teams are comprised of 5-7 students.


    Here is the competition schedule for the Battle of the Books this year.  All battles will be held at the Loveland Public Library.  The top four teams will compete at the Grand Battle on February 22, 2020, which will also be held at the Loveland Public Library. Please note some teams might have a doubleheader or a bye week.  The effort was made to schedule doubleheaders back to back so a team would not wait in the public library longer than necessary.  Coaches please know there is not a designated waiting area for BOB participants.  Public library programs are taking place during competition times. 


    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for the grand battles held at the Loveland Public Library. Volunteer scorers, readers, and timers.  There are two ways to signup to volunteer one is digitally using SignUpGenius and the second way is to call 970-613-5169 leaving your name and phone number. Thank you!


    We are asking anyone who has read one of the BOB books to submit competition questions.  Please select the form per grade click here to access the form.  Once you click on your grade, you will be directed to select the correct form for question submission. Students, teachers, parents, coaches or volunteers may submit book questions. 


  • 3rd Grade
    4th Grade
    5th Grade
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