• Happy Teacher Revolution (HTR) is a Baltimore-born, international movement with the mission to support the mental health and wellness of teachers. We train Revolutionaries around the world to initiate Happy Teacher Revolution support group meetings in their own communities.

    Happy Teacher Revolution's vision is for teachers to feel empowered to claim happiness as their own. We believe that teachers should not feel obligated to sacrifice their wholeness or well-being in order to perform well professionally.

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    TSD is thrilled to grow its new initiative Happy Teacher Revolution (HTR) by hosting a facilitator training this summer. 59% of TSD staff who completed the Winter/Spring Staff Wellbeing Survey expressed they were interested in Happy Teacher Revolution. HTR will address several of the topics staff expressed a desire to participate in including stress resilience, life balance and mindfulness. 

    '19 Summer Facilitator Training - July 23rd & 24th

    This summer training will prepare facilitators to lead discussions based on the “12 Choices to Step Back From Burnout".  As we prepare for a systematic and sustainable roll out of this innovative response to educators' well­being and self­-care, we are currently seeking to train twelve TSD staff members to become group facilitators. Selected staff will be chosen based upon answers given on the Facilitator Application.  

    HTR Facilitator Commitment:

    • Attend a 2-­Day training in July
    • Plan and facilitate/co-­facilitate 1+ meetings a month for the 2019­-2020 school year
    • Attend 4 quarterly facilitator meetings
    • Participation with Dana Thomas (founder) on HTR on­line discussion board.

       Facilitators will receive 3 TIC, in May, upon completion of their commitment.

    If interested, please fill out the following application: The deadline to submit is May 10.

    Please see FLYER for more information regarding this exciting new opportunity for district staff. For those who would like to participate in HTR but do not desire to become a facilitator, be on the lookout in fall for information on how to participate in HTR groups.

    Questions? Contact Kathy Schlepp: (970) 613-5127, 

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  • The 12 Choices

    1. I choose to be happy.
    2. I choose to disconnect and detach with love.
    3. I choose to be mindful.
    4. I choose to make time for sleep.
    5. I choose to get outside and get moving.
    6. I choose to be grateful.
    7. I choose what to overlook.
    8. I choose the battles worth fighting.
    9. I choose what to do next time and what to stop doing.
    10. I choose to enjoy the relationships that matter.
    11. I choose to schedule and prioritize what really matters.
    12. No matter how the school year started, I choose to finish well.

    Adapted from the 12 Choices to Step Back from Burnout by Vicki Davis

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