• Christine Smith

    Walt Clark Middle School

    Principal: Christine Smith

    2605 Carlisle Dr. Loveland, CO 80537
    Phone: 970 613-5400

    Name/History: The school is named after Walt Clark, a teacher and coach at Loveland High School from 1944-1966.

    STEM Logo  
    Vision:      Walt Clark Middle School will be an exemplary STEM school.

    Mission:   Walt Clark Middle School will consistently demonstrate through implementation of 21st century skills, disciplinary literacy instructional practices, and student-centered learning opportunities a comprehensive STEM experience to prepare students to be community, college and career ready.

    - Rigorous and relevant curriculum in all content areas
    - Establish relevancy/exploration of college and career pathways
    - Cultivate/sustain community connections
    - Embed 21st century skills and practices to build proficiency for workforce readiness

    STEM Advisory: In addition to a rigorous academic curriculum, students at WCMS also have the unique opportunity each semester to explore STEM-focused learning opportunities every Wednesday and Thursday in Advisory. Students have a wide variety of STEM projects to choose from, and spend two hours a week completing investigations, experiments, and exploring topics in engineering, art, and technology to name a few. 

    School-Wide Science Fair:  As part of our STEM focus, every student at WCMS will develop a science fair project that will be judged in November. Through a partnership with TVHS and community volunteers, Walt Clark students present a science fair project idea to a panel to receive feedback and guidance on how to proceed. Teachers in all academic disciplines also provide support of these projects from inception to completion. If you are interested in helping our students with their science fair projects, please contact our STEM Coordinator, Mr. Scot Olson.
    Culture and climate:  Walt Clark prides itself on establishing positive relationships with each and every student that walks our halls. We are a PBiS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) school that strives to recognize students for their hard work and respectful character on a regular basis. To help guide students in a positive way, we refer to our acronym, ROARS (Respect, Organization, Attitude for success, Responsibility, and Safety). This acronym is the foundation for teaching students our expectations within our school as well as building character traits that will carry them throughout life. To celebrate students demonstrating ROARS expectations, staff can give students our "Caught You Caring" ROARS tickets.  With these tickets, students are entered into weekly drawings for fabulous prizes.  Our goal with the PBiS philosophy is to have each student in our building find success, both academically and social-emotionally.

    Greenhouse Effect: One aspect that is completely unique to Walt Clark is our greenhouse. Students in all grade levels are given the opportunity, either through our Green Team or Greenhouse Management class, of growing and maintaining plants. Most of the fruits of their labor are sold to the public in the spring at our annual plant sale. Students receive hands-on experience that directly applies to lessons that they learn in the classroom.

    AthleticsWe offer a strong athletic program for those interested. We have a varsity program as well as an intramural program for students who are still developing skills. Students who compete for Walt Clark are taught to be representatives of our school and community and demonstrate class and grit throughout the year. Our teams regularly compete for championships in cross country, swimming, basketball, wrestling and track. Our intramural program offers the opportunity to compete against fellow students as a way to develop skills that can lead to participation in athletics in high school. With both programs we are able to provide the chance for students to connect with our school, which in most cases leads to improved performance in the classroom.