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    Secondary Options for Achievement Resulting in Success

    • Mandatory daily in-person attendance
    • and remote online work time
    • SOARS uses FuelEd/PEAK
  • SOARS (Secondary Options for Achievement Resulting in Success ) has also been in the district for over ten years.  This program works closely with TOL. 


    • SOARS uses the same online software and classes as TOL; however, it offers additional support, structure, and accountability for students.
    • SOARS students work daily in a lab at the administration building with teachers.They can work at home as well, but they are required to attend the lab daily for support.
    • The majority of the classes in SOARS are credit recovery; however, regular classes are also offered. 
    • SOARS requires regular attendance in person at the SOARS labs and students must make adequate progress to continue.
    • It is generally a full-time option. 



    Contact Information

    Email: Lisa Jenners Cieloha

    Phone: (970) 613-5314