TSD Catalog of Digital Learning Resources & New Request Form

  • TSD Educators use the TSD Catalog of Digital Resources in combination with the Digital Learning Taxonomy to choose appropriate applications, plan lessons, and provide tools for both teacher directed and personalized student learning in a blended environment. Teachers are encouraged to use this Google Sheets version of the catelog to make a copy so they can sort and customize it for their planning. 

    If an educator does not find the resources they need in the catalog, they can request new apps, extensions, or web-based software/services by filling out the App / Extension / Web Service Request Form. If you are a teacher, please discuss any new resource requests with your school's administration to ensure alignment with the school's educational programs and curriculum. Apps that are a part of existing districtwide licenses will be provided. Any other apps for individual teacher/student use that have a cost must be purchased from the school or specific department budget. ITS does not fund the purchase of such apps. When purchasing apps please include the budget code in your request.

    Once a request is made, it will go to a vetting committee that will assess the resource and approve or deny it based on pedagogical, technical, and legal criteria. Most requests are approved quickly. But if an issue with a request is found, it may take more time than usual to assess the resource. Once approved, use the directions here to load apps on iPads or Chromebooks.

    Most importantly, the requested resource must meet legal requirements. There are three main laws that regulate the use of technology in Colorado schools. These laws are mostly focused on personal identifying information (PII) of students and filtering internet access to protect students from inappropriate websites. Choose the link to the law below for a summary of its provisions.

    We are a G-Suite for Education district meaning that we use many Google applications for both business and classroom use including Google Classroom, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Sites, Hangouts, Drive, and more. Below are the relevant policies that govern the legal use of Google products for educational purposes.

    If you are looking for enterpise software that is licenced districtwide and sponsored by the district, see preimum software here