• Throughout the year we host several assemblies for our students. Assemblies range from the Ned show, Veteran's Day and even Taiko Drumers. See the Van Buren Calendar for up coming assemblies. 



Monday Morning Assemblies

  •  Every Monday morning (unless it is a holiday then it is the next day we are back in school) Van Buren starts the day off with all the staff and students joined in the gym for an energetic start to the week. Each week a different class leads the assembly with what is coming up. 
    The assembly starts at 8:10am

NED Show

Kaiser Permanente Show

  • The day before the Winter break we at Van Buren look at holiday's and how they are celebrated around the World. This year we started off with a Taiko drummers, One World Taiko. Some kids even got to try out the drums. 

    In the afternoon the students moved from classroom to classroom to learn about different holiday traditions around the world. In the Kindergarten room they learned about France, in the 1st grade room about Kwanza, in the 2nd grade room was Mexico, Finland in 3rd grade, Germany in the 4th grade room and finally Australia in the 5th grade class room.