Early College Credit / Concurrent Enrollment

  • Welcome to Thompson School Districts options and resources for obtaining College Credit through Concurrent Enrollment.  
    Thompson is making every effort to grow student credit options every semester...and we do.  Please know that there are some unknowns.
    Programs are dependent on interest from students, available staff, and programs that can fit our needs.

    FREE  and Low Cost Tuition 

    Concurrent enrollment gives students an opportunity to graduate from high school with college credits and accelerate their progress toward earning advanced degrees and the working world.
    Students can take college courses of their choosing at Front Range Community College or AIMS Community College or another University partner.
    Three years ago we offered minimal classes,  we now have over 500 kids taking advantage of free college tuition with the goal of every students taking at least one free college class  by 2018.
    Please use the navigation menu on the left to see more about our FREE and low cost college tuition options.  
    View our guide to concurrent enrollment- (PDF) (PowerPoint)

    Seeking a degree? visit http://launchmycareercolorado.org/ to learn more about:

    • What programs lead to in-demand jobs?
    • What programs will help me reach my lifestyle goals and help me get the most of my investment?
    • What kinds of majors lead to job satisfaction and personal satisfaction?