• At this time we are still not busing for events.  Parents will be responsible for getting their athlete to the events.  We have changed and are now allowing 2 tickets per player for home games and away games.  (for swim meets we will not be able to allow spectators, we only have room for the athletes and meet workers.)  



    Athletic Packet

    Volleyball……..We will start on March 29th and 30th with tryouts.  7th grade will go in the morning from 7:15-8:30, and 6th and 8th will go after school from 4:30-5:45.  We can keep a max of 12 players. 7th grade will practice in the mornings 7:15-8:30 daily, 8th grade will run after school 4:30 to 5:45 daily, and 6th grade will go after school daily with one day a week in the mornings.  Game days are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

    Be sure to have the athletic packet handed by Friday March 26th.