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  • LHS Honors Classes - Beginning in 2017-2018 School year

    We are very excited that this year, for the first time, our 9th and 10th grade students had two educational tracks (honor/standard) vs. three tracks (MYP/pre-AP/Standard). This streamlining of our course offerings means that more students will have access to the MYP framework (inquiry-based, student-centered, criteria based, ATL skills focus, and learner profile incorporation), while allowing for better differentiation. These two options will continue for next year.

    Students going into 9th or 10th grade at Loveland High make two important questions:
    1. Do I want to go into college-level courses (IB DP/AP/Concurrent enrollment) during my Junior and/or Senior years of high school?
    If yes, then the student should choose Honors courses. 
    If no, the student can choose standard level courses. 
    2. Do I want to participate in the IB Middle Years Programme at LHS? 
    Students in the MYP have the opportunity to complete the service-focused Community Project their freshman year and MYP capstone Personal Project their sophomore year. These projects enhance the students Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills (research, communication, collaboration, thinking and self-management). 
    Students not going into the MYP will not have the opportunity to develop these projects.
    Will the Honors courses be taught with the MYP framework?  
    Yes. The Loveland High School staff and community are embracing the fact that an IB education is solidly built on the best teaching practices, and that all of our students should have the opportunity to access to this programme. An IB education is broad and balanced, focusing on the students interests and questions (inquiry-based), while guiding them to develop their skills for success (ATL skills) and explore topics in-depth through project-based learning. 
    Honors level classes will be taught through the MYP framework. Standard level courses will be encouraged to incorporate aspects of the MYP framework, depending on the numbers of students in those courses who have chosen to complete the MYP. 
    Should a student take all honors classes if planning on going into the IB DP?
    The IB Diploma Programme has a broad and balanced curriculum, challenging students to excel in all subject areas. In order to prepare underclassmen students for the rigors of being an IB Diploma Candidate, students planning on pursuing this route are encouraged to take honors level classes in all core subjects (English, World Language, Social Studies, Math, Science). One exception is during the 9th grade year, if a student struggles in one or two subject areas, that student may take standard level classes in that subject. However, students planning on being an IB Diploma Candidate should take honors level classes in all five core subject during their sophomore year. 
    Students planning on being an IB DP Course Candidate (taking 1-5 DP courses), taking AP courses or concurrent enrollment, are welcome to take honors classes in just the courses they feel strongest in. This will prepare them to take these college-level courses during their Junior and/or Senior year in these subjects. 

    How will this impact our district move towards Standards-based instruction (SBI) and grading (SBG)?

    IB is clear that schools need to meet the local, state and national standards, while also striving to meet the MYP Criteria. The MYP Criteria are largely skill-focused, whereas the Colorado state educational standards are largely content-focused. Our teachers have been working hard throughout this school year to crosswalk, or match up the state standards with the MYP Criteria. Therefore, when teachers report 9th grade student grades next year, they will be reported as meeting the appropriate MYP Criteria within each standard. This will give a common language to our staff in implementing SBI as well as give increased opportunities encouragement for collaboration. 
    Above is a list of the course offerings within the LHS IB Programme for the 2018-2017 school year.