• King Soopers Reloadable Card Fundraiser for DP Exams and IB Events


    LHS IB King Soopers Reloadable CardFundraiser

    We are very excited to announce the start of a new fundraiser within the International Baccalaureate Programme at Loveland High School. We have partnered with King Soopers and City Market (Kroger Company) to allow you to send 5% of your purchases at all their locations towards the LHS IB Programme and IB exam fees.

    How does it work?

    ·      You can purchase your card for $5 from the LHS IB Coordinator, John Parks. This card has $5 already charged on it. At the time of purchase, the IB Coordinator will record the number from your card for accounting purposes, and you may identify who the student beneficiary is.

    ·      When you shop at King Soopers, City Market, King Soopers Gas Stations, Loaf n’ Jug,  or any of their affiliates, simply charge your card at the register or customer service desk using a credit card, debit card or cash with any amount up to $500. Then, use your LHS IB King Soopers Card as a cash card to pay for your purchase.

    5% of your purchases will be sent to the LHS IB Programme each month. This will be divided the following way:

    o   50% of the fundraised amount (or 2.5% of your purchase totals) will go into an account to pay for your or your child’s IB DP Exam Registration Fees

    o   25% of the fundraised amount (or 1.25% of your purchase totals) will go toward scholarships for IB students to pay for their IB Exam registrations

    o   25% of the fundraised amount (or 1.25% of your purchase totals) will go toward IB events at LHS, including, but not limited to: DP Pinning ceremony, IB Picnic, pizza parties, ice cream socials, and retreats.

    ·      IB Parent Stacey Walsh will keep track of the total revenue from each card and will let families know how much each student has accrued at the time of IB Exam registration each fall.

    ·      There are no additional costs to your purchases to use this card.

    Could I have an example?

    Let’s say that your family spends $200 per week at King Soopers, buying food, gas and supplies, using the LHS IB card.

    o    $10 per week would therefore go to LHS IB.

    o   Over 52 weeks, that is $520 per year.

    o   That would mean $260 towards IB Exams for you or your child (or an identified recipient).

    o   $130 would go towards scholarships for other LHS IB students to pay for their IB exams.

    o   $130 would go towards LHS IB events.

    o   If 50 families use their cards for the same amount, that is $26,000 per year.

    ·      Currently, the cost for all IB exams for an IB Diploma Candidate (registration fee + 6 exam fees) is $864. Therefore, at the rate described above, one family can have no out of pocket fees for IB exams if they use it from the throughout their high school experience until the senior IB registration time.

    Clarifications and Questions

    1.     Can a family have and use more than one LHS IB King Soopers Card?

    Yes! You can have one for each shopping member of your family and extended family.

    Þ   You could even buy several and send them to friends and family, asking them to use the cards.  


    2.     What happens after a family has raised all the funds to pay for one student’s IB Exams or if a student does not end up taking IB exams or if a student graduates with money still in their account?

    • Once that happens, the family will have two options of how to reapportion the funds in the student's account:
    1. The family may reapportion the existing funds to another active or future IB student to pay for his or her IB DP Exams. 
    2. The family may divide the proceeds 50/50 between the scholarship fund and the LHS IB Events fund.
    •    No money may be returned or refunded to the student or family, as that is against policy for both King Soopers and the Thompson School District.

    3.     What happens if I lose or throw away my card?

    • Any funds charged on that card at the time of loss will also be lost.
    • However, you can purchase a replacement from the LHS IB Coordinator.

    4.     What if I have another King Soopers card for other activities and groups (band, choir, etc.)?

    Before recharging your card(s), you will need to decide what organization to support with that purchase, as you can only use one at a time. The LHS IB sticker identifies our card.

    5.     How do I find out the current balance on my card?

    There are four ways to obtain the balance on your gift card:

                                                   i.     The balance will be printed on the bottom of your cash register receipt.

                                                 ii.     Visit www.gcbalance.com and type in the number and PIN (behind Kroger grey scratch-off window on your card)

                                                iii.     Call 866-822-6252

                                                iv.     Ask your cashier to check your balance.


    6.     What happens if I leave a zero balance on the card for more than 30 days?

    The card will become inactive, and you will need to purchase another one from the LHS IB coordinator.


    7.     Is this a gift card?

       Though it is identified as a gift card, cash card is a better term. The IB Coordinator is not allowed to hand out the cards to students, parents or staff without charging $5, which is the initial balance (thus, no real cost).  However, you could purchase a card, charge it up, and give it as a gift card.


    8.     When will the funds and scholarships be available?

    These will be available in the Fall of 2017 for the 2018 IB Exam registration period.

    For further information about the scholarship, visit the link at the top of this page


    John M. Parks, Loveland HS IB Coordinator