• King Soopers Loyalty Card Fundraiser for DP Exams and IB Events

    The LHS IB King Soopers Reloadable CardFundraiser has been replaced by the Community Rewards Program, which uses your KS Loyalty Card.

    King Soopers Community Rewards Program – Program summary

    King Soopers will distribute $2.5M/quarter ($10M annually) in Colorado to non-profit organizations that have registered with them. The $ amount our group will receive is based upon LHS IB’s percentage of spending as it relates to the total spending of all participating organizations.  The $2.5M will be divided up differently every quarter based on participation, so it’s hard to predict how much the IB program will earn.  Also, King Soopers is planning a large promotion of the program (TV ads, etc.) in the summer.  With more organizations participating, everyone will get a smaller piece of the pie.


    Rewards checks will be mailed within 30 days of the end of each quarter.


    An email will be sent to the program coordinator advising a check has been sent and the $ amount of the award.  The program coordinator will not get a statement or a breakdown of which participants shopped or how much they spent.  It will now be up to participants to communicate their earnings to the coordinator if they want to receive individual rewards.

    Reloadable gift cards will no longer be used after March 31, 2019. Any reloads made to gift cards between now and March 31st will still generate rewards. 


    In order to generate rewards after March, 31st participants will need to do the following:

    1. Have an online King Soopers Account
    2. Have a King Soopers Loyalty Shopper card
    3. Log on to your online account and choose the non-profit organization you would like to support. (LHS IB ID#  JS334)
    • Once someone within a household registers, all linked King Soopers loyalty cards in that household earn rewards.
    • You may only support one organization at any time, but you can change it at any time as well. So for parents with multiple children, activities, etc., you could change the recipient organization by the week, month – whatever.  You’ll just need to go to your online account to do so.
    1. Use your loyalty card whenever they shop.

    Participants can do these steps now and changes will be effective immediately.


    Fun fact:  You could reload your card in the next few weeks and get neighborhood rewards. Then, (if you’ve registered your loyalty card) you could purchase groceries with the loaded gift cards after April 1st and generate community rewards!


    The new program works with Click List; customers no longer have to go inside store to pay with a gift card.


    Fuel purchases will not generate rewards (since they are already part of a loyalty discount program). TRACKING REWARDS:


    Program coordinators will no longer receive statements (due to privacy issues as the rewards are now tied to personal identifying info).


    Participants will now have access to their own personal statements.  Each quarter, you will get a breakdown of how much $ you earned for each of the organizations you support.  This information will be available under your account details at kingsoopers.com My Account.


    You will need to log in to view it AND it will only be available until the next quarter ends.  There is currently no avenue to see your account history.  So each time a new quarter’s rewards are posted, the previous quarter’s statement disappears.Here is a link for more info with Q&A sheets for both customers and organizations:



    John M. Parks, Loveland HS IB Coordinator