• Highlighted Loveland High IB Students

    Hanna Szabo - Hungarian Exchange Student Settling in to Earn her IB Diploma in Loveland

    Hanna joined Loveland High School from her home country of Hungary explicitly to participate in the IB Diploma Programme. As an exchange student for two years, she will be pursuing her IB Diploma with the hopes of going to a medical school in Europe after her IB Convocation.

    When asked how LHS compares to her former high school French high school in Budapest (Lycée Français Gustave Eiffel de Budapest), she said, “It’s nothing like America. It’s old-fashioned education in both Hungarian and French schools. I love the integration of technology here - Google Classroom is so helpful - all the reminders are great. That would never happen over there.”

    Why she decided on Loveland, she said, “It was always on my bucket list to come to an American High School. College is really expensive in the US, so I didn’t want to do that. I said, ‘I’ve only got two more years in high school, so I should go now.’ We have a family friend from Loveland, and LHS is the only one with the IB Programme, so we worked with the TSD administration to come to LHS.”

    She said that she has multiple friends who go to international schools in Europe and take the IB Programme, which is very popular, as international students need the IB Diploma to go to university in Europe. Her transition into LHS has been “extremely positive, but a little overwhelming.” When she was the list of clubs, she said, “I want to participate in everything! But my counselor, Mr. Cain said to me ‘there are only 24 hours in a day.’” Nonetheless, in addition to being an IB Diploma candidate, Hanna has joined the cheerleading squad, which she is really enjoying - Cheerleading is a uniquely American phenomenon, as are school sports teams.

    Hanna is really enjoying her IB classes at LHS: “ The teachers are so passionate about their classes and so organized. On the first day, we received an outline for the full two years.” She also enjoys how the teachers challenge her to think. “At my old school, you were given a text and you just have to memorize it. In my DP Psychology class, I had a quiz and memorized the work, but then was surprised to see that I had to think.” Ms. Richie, the DP Psychology teacher said that she doing great and did well on that first quiz. 


    Theo Rider - Political Activist in the Making

    Theo Rider


    Theo is a passionately engaged citizen, who is constantly speaking for causes he believes in and volunteering with political action groups. Three big events happened recently in his life that will hopefully launch him into the politically active career he strives for:

    1. He was accepted into the Elliott School of International Affairs George Washington University, which is where he attended the IB World Student Conference last summer, focusing on student action and fell in love with the university.
    2. He was accepted for an internship internship with the newly-elected US Congressman from the Second Congressional District in Colorado, Joe Neguse (D). He began his internship here in Colorado and hopes to continue it in Washington, DC, while at GW.
    3. He received scholarship offers of over $65,000 per year to attend university, which is a mix of GW tuition scholarships, work-study scholarships, the Pell Grant and subsidised loans.

    Theo has been a big advocate of the IB programme and took time out of the day to speak to many of the 9th grade MYP Civics and 10th grade Honors World History classes at the end of January. “I chose IB to gain a global perspective in my learning,” Theo said. He continues by stating, “The rigor I have faced in my day to day classes, the EE and the various internal assessments have prepared me for college.”

    The projects that Theo has undertaken throughout his IB experience at LHS underscore his activism. When Theo was a sophomore, Theo worked hard on his Personal Project, which was to record a series of interviews with experts in the field of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and their effects on food production. Theo demonstrated not only being a thinker by considering this issue that most students don’t, but also being open-minded, by reaching out to people with diverse perspectives on this topic.

    Last year, as a DP junior, Theo was not only been enraptured with the polemic political situation, but directly participated in the election process, working and volunteering multiple candidates,  engaging in the first and second Women's’ March in Denver as well as the MLK marches and various other local activist events. Activism is central to who this student is an education at a highly esteemed university will go far towards furthering his understanding and ability to involve others in helping to change the world in a positive way. Theo has a great combination of idealism and activism.

    We wish Theo the best of luck in the rest of his senior year in the IB Diploma Programme at Loveland High, his undergraduate career at George Washington and his political future beyond!


    Kyndall Ostriem : Marching Band and IB Can Be Done Together!

    In addition to being nominated for the Inquirer award this month by Ms. Burch, her World History teacher, last year Kyndall was nominated as a Ostreim Band photo Communicator. She has been very successful at LHS, being involved in both the marching band and the IB Programme, demonstrating to naysayers that the two programs are NOT mutually exclusive.

    Kyndall wrote of herself: "I'm a sophomore here at LHS. I would describe myself as outgoing, caring, friendly, outdoorsy, and a very involved person. I'm most proud of my love for traveling (I've been to 10 different countries and islands), the outward expression of my beliefs, and successfully making it through my first year of high school. Being in IB has affected my learning by increasing the amount of cultural and world exposure. Being in IB has made me more aware and opened minded about the rest of the world and the connection of how my actions affect the rest of the world. In the future I plan to proceed in the IB program and finish my high school career by completing the DP program. After high school I want to do more traveling, but also get a degree in biology and zoology."




     Lincoln Jacoway : A Diploma Candidate With a Love for the Outdoors -

    Jacoway "I am an outdoor advocate. I enjoy hiking, camping, backpacking, and fishing. I also enjoy traveling and seeing new things. I am a member of the River Watch Club, we test the water quality from the Big Thompson River and send our results to the state. I am a co-founder of the Wilderness club.  We do anything that involves the out doors including hiking and sledding. I participate in the Boy Scouts program and am currently working on my eagle rank.  I plan on earning it sometime in January. My career interest include being a wild land firefighter or an environmental science teacher. I believe that the IB program is a good program that challenges students and makes them think in many different ways. 
    The things that motivate me are getting good grades, my parents pushing me to finish the IB program, get good grades, being accepted into Colorado State University and getting good grades. The accomplishments I am most proud of are being able to create my own school club, making a hiking stick from scratch and getting this far in the IB program.
    My plans for the future are to finish high school, go to college to study forestry or environmental science and then become either a forest firefighter or a teacher. 
    The IB program has influenced me into thinking on a more worldly prospective and take in more than one prospective. It also influenced me to help solve many problems in and outside of school by making me look at a problem from more than one angle.  - By Lincoln Jacoway, Sept 12, 2017


    Payton Wills : Graduating Senior With Medical Ambitions  Payton Wills

    Payton Wills has accomplished many a high school seniors’ dream: earning a full-ride scholarship for tuition and fees to a university. She will attend Colorado Mesa University next year, intent on studying molecular, cellular, and developmental biology. With the credits she will earn from LHS and the IB Programme, Payton will start her college career as a sophomore, and plans to minor or double major in Spanish. After attaining her undergraduate degree, she plans on attending medical school and becoming an obstetrician/gynecologist or a neo-natal surgeon. While her plans might seem grand and perhaps more than a little daunting to others, Payton is accustomed to rigor at this point. After her four years at LHS, she will be the first in her family to complete the IB Programme, blazing the trail for her sister, who is currently in MYP. Payton says going into the IB Programme she expected the rigor of IB classes, and her expectations of a close-knit community have also been satisfied. Payton is an exemplary IB student, and we know Colorado Mesa University will be delighted to count her as one of their students this Fall.  

    Alisa Sautter: Well-rounded Sophomore with Worldly Plans


    Alisa Sautter

    When looking for an example of the well-rounded, or balanced, individuals IB strives to help create, one need only look at sophomore Alisa Sautter. In addition to entering the DP next year, Alisa will be joining STUCO after a successful campaign.
    Outside of academic pursuits, Alisa enjoys playing on the girl’s tennis team at LHS, singing in the Bella Voce Advanced Women’s choir at LHS, and competing with DECA/FBLA. She has qualified for state the past two years in DECA/FBLA. Alisa also has a special connection to Thailand: She spends every summer there, and sometimes participates in beauty pageants at the Thai temple in Denver.
    Alisa says she has “always been fascinated by the different countries and cultures around the world.” With all of her interests and her connection abroad, it is perhaps no surprise that Alisa wants to major in International Business after graduating from the LHS IB Programme.
    She says she has always expected IB to be challenging, and has not been disappointed in her expectations. However, Alisa enjoys the challenge, and plans on using the skills she will continue cultivating over the next two years in her future international pursuits.  

    Naser Moin: Fifth in an IB Legacy Family


    Naser Moin

    The highlighted student this month is Naser Moin, a sophomore in the LHS IB programme. Naser is part of a “legacy family” in the LHS IB programme, being the fifth of his family to go through it. Three of his siblings have already graduated with IB diplommas, and one more sibling is a senior IB Course Candidate. With so many models before him, Naser was worried about the struggles and late nights of studying he expected to go through in the programme. He was especially worried because of his self-proclaimed status as an “incorrigible slacker” in middle school.


    However, now well-into his fourth semester in MYP, Naser has cultivated organization skills and knows he has become a better learner with help from IB. He enjoys comparing his semester GPAs with those of his graduated brother before him, Nabeel, which compels him to work even harder. Naser says he has a chance of beating Nabeel’s old GPA this semester, and we wish him luck!


    After completing the IB programme, Naser wants to go to college, perhaps studying mathematics and computer engineering. He’s considering pursuing a teaching career at some point and wants to have a family of his own in the future as well.  

    Oliver Byles: Ivy League Bound Senior is a Major Scholarship Finalist

    Oliver Byles Congratulations to LHS IB senior, Oliver Byles, who recently made it to the final round of the $20,000 Coca-Cola Scholarship. 250 Regional Finalists were selected from nearly 86,000 applicants as being “extraordinary leaders in their school and community.” Oliver certainly fits the bill, as he participates in over 20 clubs, including the City of Loveland Youth Advisory Committee and Congressman Jared Polis’ Youth Advisory Council. He has a final interview with the Coca-Cola Scholarship soon as the last step in the application process. 150 of the 250 Finalists will receive the scholarship. We wish him luck!

    In addition to achieving finalist status for the above scholarship, Oliver has also been accepted to his first choice university, Dartmouth College, an Ivy League school in New Hampshire, where he will study Arabic and government. He hopes to work in international law or diplomacy one day.

    Currently, Oliver, along the rest of the IB seniors, is working toward earning his IB diploma, having recently turned in a French Internal Assessment (IA), a Math IA, and a Chemistry IA. Oliver’s IAs were on windmills in France, stable relationships, and silver formation with aldehydes and ketones, respectively.

     Even the great cannot do everything alone, though, and Oliver is especially grateful to his IB teachers. He says many of them “have stepped out of the role of simply teaching and stepped into the role of being life coaches. Having teachers who are role models, as well as friends, makes the workload and tough times easier.”

     Mateo Gamez: Personal Project Grows into Decorated DJ Business


    Mateo G.

    Mateo G is a Junior IB Diploma Candidate. His functioning DJ business, Mountain Music, has received its first award! He has earned the Couples Choice Award on Wedding Wire.   This is a great honor in the wedding industry awarded to the top 5% of online reviews.   
    Mateo wrote on his Mountain Music NoCo website "We simply love bringing the music and the lighting to your party, seeing the smiles, the dancing and the fun. It gives us great satisfaction to take care of our customers and their event."
    Mateo built his DJ business during his sophomore year as his MYP capstone Personal Project. Much of the money he made during his DJ gigs he put back into purchasing equipment, allowing him to have a state of the art sound and lighting system to bring to all his events. 

    Avery P: 9th Grade Published Writer in MYP

    Avery P.

    Congratulations to Avery P., a 9th grader in the MYP at LHS. In December, Teen Ink accepted Avery’s article, “Technology Does Not Replace the Human Experience.” This is Avery’s first publication with Teen Ink, and it can be found on their website. Teen Ink consists of a magazine, a website, and books, all “written by teens since 1989.” Avery also received the Editor’s Choice Badge, meaning the team of editors at Teen Ink think her article “really stands out” amongst the other submissions they received.


    As the title of the article suggests, Avery deals with the topic of humanity and technology, the interplay between the two, and the controversial idea that “each time we ‘improve’ ourselves using technology, we lose a bit of our humanity.” LHS is very proud of Avery’s accomplishment. For anyone wishing to read a thought-provoking article, we recommend, “Technology Does Not Replace the Human Experience” in Teen Ink.