Home school Information

    If you need assistance, please contact the Principal at  Harold Ferguson High School
    1101 Hilltop Dr., Loveland, CO 80537
    Phone: 970-613-5302 or Carol 970-613-5301 Fax: 970-613-5395
    Initial Planning & Notification:

    a.  The district requires notification of intent to home school every year.

    b.   Learn about Colorado regulations for home schooling.  These are Colorado Revised Statutes 22-33-104.5 and 22-33-107.

    c.  The district’s administrative offices and all schools have Notification of Intent to Home School forms available for your use.  Standards and proficiencies as guidelines for grades K-8 may be provided upon request from Ferguson High School.

    d.  The district does not provide textbooks or curriculum for home schooled students.

    e.  Local Contacts:

    • LEAP - Thompson School District Homeschool Enrichment Access Program tsdleap.org, tsdleapschool@gmail.com 970-203-5489
    • Northern Colorado Home School Association – 970-227-0699  http://www.ncha.info/
    • Probasco’s – 667-8819 – Home schooling supplies & Christian book store
    • Salt & Light Learning – Home School curriculum store - 278-0322
    • Elizabeth Ridgway – 970-532-5653 - private individual testing (Woodcock-Johnson IV), academic evaluations and homeschool coach


    f.  Home-Based Education Policy IHBG-R states (in part) the following:

     In accordance with Colorado law, a parent or guardian of a student below the age of 16 who wants to establish a home-based educational program for that child shall comply with the procedures listed below:

    1. Prior to registering the student, the parent should select a curriculum appropriate to the needs of the child.
    2. If the student proposed for enrollment has been declared habitually truant at any time during the last six months of his/her attendance at public school, the parent/guardian must also submit a written description of the curricula to be used in the program. This must be approved by the Director of Accountability/Accreditation or his/her designee.
    3. The parent/guardian must certify in writing the name, age, place of residence and number of hours of attendance of each child enrolled in the program.  Please indicate on the attached form the grade your child will qualify for.  This information will assist us in determining which students will need to be tested.
    4. The parent/guardian must maintain permanent records for each child enrolled in the program. These shall include, but need not be limited to, attendance data, test and evaluation results, and immunization records. 
    5.   Each student enrolled in the home-based educational program must be given a nationally standardized achievement test upon reaching grades three, five, seven, nine and eleven, or have his/her academic progress evaluated by a qualified person (Example: licensed teacher or counselor).  The parent/guardian shall submit the results to the district’s principal of Ferguson High School or to an independent or parochial school within the state. If the parent/guardian chooses an independent or parochial school, the Home School Administrator must be given the name of the school.
    6.   If the student’s composite score on the test is above the 13th percentile, or the evaluation indicates that the student is making sufficient academic progress according to his/her ability, the student shall continue to be eligible for the home-based educational program. If the score is at or below the 13th percentile, the parent/guardian shall be given the opportunity to have the student retested using an alternate version of the same test or a different nationally standardized test selected by the parent/guardian from a list supplied by the State Board of Education.
    7. If the student’s composite score on a retest continues to be at or below the 13th percentile, the district shall take steps to require the parent/guardian to enroll the student in a public, independent or parochial school. Students who reside in the district and are registered for and receiving home instruction may apply for enrollment in classes offered by the district schools. Acceptance will be determined by the district on a space-available basis. Parents who wish to use this option should request information and follow timelines for pre-registration at their selected school. To be eligible to participate in classes offered by the district,  home instruction students shall be enrolled and attending school by September 15, of the current year for least 90 hours per semester.

    g.   Plan to teach four (4) hours per day, 172 days per year. 

    h.   Students will be required to pay the material fees and course fees.

    Standardized Testing: 
    • No nationally standardized achievement testing is available from the district.
    • Home schooled students may take the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (TCAP) tests by notifying their neighborhood school of their desire to participate in the TCAP testing.  The school will provide testing times/dates.   Please note that TCAP testing is NOT recognized as a national standardized achievement test.

     Athletics & Activities:


    Home schooled students may participate in any R2-J school district’s athletic or activity program if they meet R2-J’s Board of Education and the Colorado High School Activity Association’s eligibility rules, namely that the student:

    • Has not been academically ineligible as a public school student within the past two years.
    • Can be certified by the neighborhood school as eligible in a consistent fashion with other students (high school only).
    • Meets age, physical exam, semester, and course load requirements.
    • Resides in the R2-J attendance area or has an out-of-district waiver which may be approved by the league and state to participate (high school only).
    • Paid the activity or athletic fee.


    Returning to the School District:

    Home schooled students in elementary and middle school must submit a home school transcript to their neighborhood school when re-enrolling. High school students must bring their transcripts to the Principal of Ferguson High School, 1101 Hilltop Drive, Loveland, CO 80537 (970-613-5300).

    Receiving a High School Graduation Diploma:

    To receive a Thompson School District graduation diploma, home schooled students must be enrolled for the entire senior year and pass all proficiency tests, all embedded assessments, and all graduation requirements.